Magic small doors next to large adult doors

Australians now install a tiny door for fairies next to the main front door. These doors manually are produced by Little Fairy Door, which calls itself the only and largest manufacturer of imaginary doors for fairies.

The trend was born thanks to Sally Copus, which decided to create an interior feature that will allow children to develop their imagination. She came up with a mound in houses tiny doors for fairies. Her company produces these doors and supplies in more than 450 stores throughout Australia, as well as in some centers abroad. She is also engaged in private orders.

The idea is simple: you buy an ordinary door, and then order a door for a fairy. You can even buy the entrance doors in Minsk (such ordinary and simple, but strong adult doors – in the photo above next to the Australian door of the fairy, the Balusa Entrance Metallic door of the elite -2), and then write Sally to make a small magical one according to the Belarusian door. Fairy door. But you can order the door from the options proposed on her site. The cost of one door is 36 Australian dollars.

Tiny doors for fairies are placed next to ordinary entrance doors not only in Australia. In fact, most of these doors in the American city of Ann-Arbor, in the state of Michigan. There they were installed as part of art installations as part of the PR project of children’s stories of Jonathan B. Wright.

The manufacturer of children’s toys Hearthsong sells their tiny doors and children’s accessories for real doors. This company is generally popular all over the world thanks to a home decor that allows you to turn an apartment into a place to develop children’s imagination. The company catalog is really children’s furniture and children’s accessories. These are not just small variations on the topic of adult things. These are full -fledged individual children’s things. If we are talking about the table, but it is done as his imagination of the child would create, for example, in the form of a large mushroom. If you need to buy a door to the children’s room, then the company offers to decorate it with a special decor. The company has a canopy for children’s beds, playing areas, stickers on windows in a children’s room, lamps and much more.

In addition to registration for holidays, Hearthsong has a directory with a constant original decor for girls and boys’ rooms. There is also children’s furniture in a special mini-format, which is created for different styles. You can buy luminous butterflies for decorating a bed, or you can order a whole luminous asylum. There is a globe with illumination for $ 45 and a spinning children’s wardrobe for $ 250. Some goods of this store were awarded awards. And by the way, the store sends goods abroad, so if something of this is interested, you can study the resource (but the site does not have a Russian version).

Returning to tiny doors, say that magic children’s doors are produced in England. And there they are bought in order to decorate the gardens and, in particular, forests. For example, local residents in the county of Somerset began to be attached to trees in the Wayford forest, and now this forest has become very popular.

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