Lily Duval lives in a tiny house with an area of ​​14 square meters and tells what it feels like.

You still think that your one -room apartment is too small for you? We again tell you about the incredibly popular trend of Americans and Europeans – to settle in tiny houses and live there with comfort and pleasure. Today we will also talk about how New Zealanders adapt to this trend. Our article about the tiny house Lily Duval, the entire area of ​​which is only 14 square meters.

You think you are missing a place? But in addition to the usual, a fairly large zone in your cottage has a attic zone that you do not use or a basement whose benefits are expressed for you in the storage and installation of a boiler room, and sometimes a waterwork system (for example, hose). Lily Duval lives in the city of Krastsherch, on the southern island of New Zealand. And the dimensions of her entire house are 14 square meters. She sleeps on what you would call the attic, but in fact it is a suspended structure under the ceiling. Lily does not have a basement either, only an impromptu cabinet in the floor. How she copes?

It is worth noting right away that the girl really likes her little house. She does not suffer from his dimensions – she accepts them and loves them. The design and design of the room, however, required skill. Firstly, all the main functions of the house had to be combined in one room (a separate chest of drawers is highlighted only with a tiny soul). Kitchen and reception of guests, a dining area and entertainment – all this is in the same room at once at the entrance to the house. And the bed is equipped with a mesonin type. It is located under the ceiling and access it is carried out along a special retractable staircase.

Most useful accessories are hung along the walls, some of them are attached to magnetic tape. Things and objects are placed in a closet equipped under the floor.

The space in the house of Lily had to equip wisely. Small apartments can also be equipped in this way. For example, note that the curtains are hung inside the window frame, and not under the ceiling on the bar. The shelves have the desired size, including the width – exactly for what they are intended for. For a book with recipes, its suspension mount is organized. The often used mug was hung on a hook under the shelf, and the lantern was attached to the lower part of the mesonin. Products are packed through banks, and not stored somehow inside the boxes.

The most effective way to save space is to get rid of chaos and disorder. You need to keep in the house only what you need, you need items that you sincerely love and appreciate. When buying accessories for everyday use, one must be guided by the principle of their beauty and multifunctionality. Thus, the mug will be not only dishes, but also with a decor, and with one household appliance you can cook everything at once.

The only problem for Lily is to store her books. She does not want to part with them, and she has a lot of them. Therefore, when the house was equipped, they left a lot of space for bookcases. And they put one comfortable sofa nearby, so that it could lie down on it and read his favorite literature.

Based on materials from the New Zealand magazine, house and garden

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