Lighting in the gazebo

Note that the gazebo is a universal and very significant building in a country house. It can be made open or closed, diverse area and height. In it you can hold a business meeting, spend time reading, studying, playing board games, hold a regular family dinner or barbecue. On the territory of some countries you can see even two -story arbors where they will equip a guest room on the second floor. In our country, Russian arbors with barbecue is more common in our country.

It is very difficult to overestimate its value in landscape design. The gazebo is considered to be one of the basic objects in it. Very often it is made from the house and the main premises (for example, in the garden). Thus, the lighting in the construction should be in harmony with the lighting of the entire area of ​​the garden and the entire personal plot.

You can buy a gazebo in most stores, as well as online stores. When the purchase is made, you probably already know the landscape design plan. So, it will not be superfluous to draw up a plan of lighting, as well as the gazebo.

In the case when the gazebo is the main “highlight” of the garden interior – you can emphasize it with great lighting, if not – you only need to shade the silhouette of the structure of the lower or upper circular lighting, without emphasizing and only emphasizing the gazebo.

So, it is worth saying that the lighting of the construction will directly depend on its purpose.

With any choice, it is worth making it double -speed. For example, the gazebo is being processed for a summer residence, and thereby it is determined that it will be intended for romantic meetings – it is only enough in the middle of the ceiling of the gazebo in the middle of the ceiling, and in order to read a good, bright lighting: you can put a lamp, and besides this separately Light the desktop.

In order to give the atmosphere of peace, it is not necessary to use lighting with fluorescent lamps, because they give “cold” light. Here, simple incandescent lamps with a “yellow” light will be suitable for more.

Когда в беседке есть лестница, то стоит позаботиться, чтоб и там была подстветка. For example, you can put a motion sensor – the light will turn on when it will react.

Lighting in the gazebo plays its important role and depends only on the functional purpose of the building. Therefore, do not pity on the bulbs and rejoice in the time spent in the gazebo.

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