Layout of a small apartment

The deficit of space in a small apartment can be allowed if you meticulously think over the zoning scheme and every detail that you plan to apply in the interior. At the same time, it should be preferred what can be modified to perform several functions. Layout of a small apartment is a very troublesome lesson, so we will help you.

A similar approach, with an emphasis on multifunctionality, in conjunction with several techniques, helping to visually increase the area, will be able to solve the issue of arranging space for life in a small apartment.


Small area involves little furniture. Instead of cabinets, open racks with various types of shelves are better. To store things, a wardrobe with sliding mirror doors will be an impeccable solution. The table can be a sliding or folding type. It is especially convenient to use “nesting” tables – different in height and almost the same in width, they can be made one under another.


The corner sofa usually takes up a lot of space. Therefore, choosing a sofa, buy a convenient, but not a bulky option. In the headset there is a chair or stool to him. Their number in the room is much easier to regulate – unnecessary (which will only be required for guests) to put in a corner, for example, in the bedroom. When purchasing a sofa, think about where to place it (sitting on it you should not look at the wall in front of you). Take the necessary measurements so that this purchase does not further become your “headache”, and which you would hate in a couple of months.


A chair for a small apartment is the perfect option. In addition to him, a successful or folding bed built into the wall will be a successful solution. If you intend to purchase them, stop your choice on quality and convenience, especially in favor of good sleep.

Table and chairs

As has already been noted earlier, for the small room the most convenient is the option with a sliding or folding table. Its smallest size for two people – 80 by 80 cm, for four – 130 by 80 cm. A table with a glass countertop looks, as a rule, more elegant than with wooden, but not everyone loves glass surfaces. Choils choose those that you can (when they are not needed) assemble or put one on another, will significantly save the area. With wood furniture, chairs with a colorful upholstery of seats are best combined, although there are alternative variations for the interior in the current style – plastic and metal chairs.


Small -sized apartments require especially deliberate spatial solutions. When repairing an apartment with your own hands, do not forget about the separation of zones by functionality, installation of furniture, color solutions – these are all important interior details that affect its functionality and aesthetics.

Equipping an apartment, the most miserable result can be achieved by turning it into a furniture warehouse. It is worth remembering, the situation should remain “air”. This can help you with the use of light colors in the interior, dividing functional zones with visual boundaries, choosing doors with glass fillings, using simple furniture.

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