Kitchen repair, select the interior and color

When you plan to repair the kitchen, it is very important to choose the interior and color in which you decided to make it. This is a very important point, because you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and it is important that it is convenient and comfortable not only to cook, but also to relax for a cup of tea.

If you often cook yourself, then the interior must be selected simple, which is more suitable for this.

It is ridiculous to choose a baroque or an empire-style kitchen, when there are constantly clustering pans around, and smoke is a rod, it is better for the kitchen: classic, high-tech, modern, art deco and modern interior style. Of course, there are a lot of different subspecies of these styles, and you can continue the theme endlessly, but, experience shows that the simpler the kitchen is decorated, the more convenient and better.

High-tech, features of kitchen style

The materials from which the repair of the kitchen is made should wash well, and also be combined with each other in color and material, do not take a material that you do not like as a basis, but it is popular, listen to yourself, and choose something with what It is for you comfortable.

If you see your high-tech kitchen, then you need to choose not only finishing material in this style, but also furniture, and maybe even dishes. High-tech is a style where there is a lot of glass, metal, the presence of the skin is possible.

If you decide to arrange a kitchen in this style, then you need contrasting colors, since pastel gamma will be inappropriate here.

Bright, juicy colors, cold metal and tenderness of the skin, this is what characterizes the Haytek style today.

Try to make a bar, and put two, three bar, cabinets in this style do not abound in decor, and look simple and concise. Doors made of metal or glass complement strict lines that this style brings to the kitchen.

Sofus the metal with accessories

If you are afraid that everything will look too pretentious, you can make a more delicate emphasis on accessories.

Soft pillows for chairs or sofa, as well as several bright napkins on the bar, soften the cold of the metal and glass of glass.

In such a design, it is better to use a suspended ceiling with lamps lowered above the table. If there is little light, then you can additionally decorate the working area with built -in lamps.

The tile looks great on the walls made in a contrasting range, if you decide to put the tile and on the floor, do not overdo it, you can make the kitchen too cold.

Metal and glass and so cause a feeling of cold and detachment, therefore, if everything in the interior is made of such materials, there will be no harmony, and comfort.

Try to add a warm note to the interior, make the floor of the laminate, or at least put the furniture from the leather.

The plastic, although popular in high-tech style, looks very cheap, so try to minimize its presence in your kitchen.

Bright colors, such as black, white, red, orange, look great in high-tech style, while blue and green create an excessively cold atmosphere. If you have chosen this style, try to give heat due to bright colors.

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