Is the corner kitchen sink suitable for you?

If your kitchen has an awkward design or has a narrow space, you can consider the corner shells. However, although such a solution can be smart and effective in terms of convenience and aesthetics, there are potential disadvantages in installing corner shells. Read further to determine whether your kitchen is suitable for the corner sink.

Among the corner sinks there are shells of artificial stone, stainless steel and natural materials. The most popular from the point of view of aesthetics are stone shells that are in the same tone with the countertop. If you are interested in artificial stone products, then you can purchase them at Soyuzstroydetal, which is engaged in the sale of goods from Bitto, Corian, Polystone, Montelly and other manufacturers.

Advantages of corner shells.

one. Storage.

The modified shape of the wedge of the case under the corner shell creates enough space to hide detergents, kitchen equipment and other little things, and also allows you to leave more space for water pipes. Just know that this plus should be taken into account under a certain angle. If you have a heavy countertop made, for example, from granite, then picking up a corner cabinet to provide the necessary support is much harder. In addition to a heavy sink, a very big problem may arise.

2. Designer flexibility.

In small kitchens, where the savings of every inch is important, orientation of the sink in the corner of the room can strongly save the working area.

3. Entering dead space into work.

The corner sink is capable of occupying a niche, which otherwise simply languishes idle. If you have extra square meters, then you can add a second sink in another place of the kitchen to increase the functionality of the working area. The use of shells can be classified – one for vegetables, the other for dishes.

four. Continuous countertop.

The sink placed in the center of the countertop divides it into zones. It is not always convenient.

Disadvantages of corner shells.

one. Smaller size, lighter materials.

It is difficult, although not impossible, to choose a large corner sink, and even dense with two bowls. If your table does not have enough corner space, then even having found a suitable option in the store, you cannot mount it. There are sinks similar to the letter V, which are designed for angles of 90 degrees, but they can not always contain overall pots and pans. The same is true for triangular shells.

2. Close space.

You need to get used to the corner sink, although later it will seem convenient. Two people will not feel so comfortable anymore by working with one shell.

3. Close zone for household appliances.

In a typical kitchen design, dishwashers are installed next to the sink. With a corner shell, such installation can be problematic. The dishwasher can block the passage if its doors are open.

four. Difficulties in cleaning.

If the angle is deep enough, then get the surfaces for cleaning spray and dirt, it may be problematic.

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