Is it difficult to do it yourself?

Currently, to build a bathhouse, we have the opportunity to use a variety of building materials. Fortunately, this is possible thanks to a wide range of these products presented in the modern world market. The most massive is the construction of a wood steamer. For construction, both logs and timber can be used.

The main advantages of the beam include the fact that it lies perfectly directly into the ranks during masonry; Over time, the design does not shrink, has an attractive appearance, holds heat perfectly. It is worth noting that the walls of this building material are much easier to build than from logs. But most importantly – it is possible to install them on a finished foundation. When you finish this, you can immediately move on to the construction of the walls.

Building baths from a beam is currently considered an economically profitable investment of funds. To do this, you will not have to turn to specialists for help, you can do all the work yourself. At the same time, you will use relatively cheap building materials – timber. You will only need a little experience with various electrical tools and a little patience and desire.

As for the standard construction project, in this case you will need a profiled timber. To lay the first crowns, it is recommended to use a beam from larch. The fact is that it, in comparison with other breeds of trees, rot significantly less, being directly in the humid environment. The first three crowns should be of this wood. But for the rest you can take coniferous woods. This choice is explained by the fact that they are endowed with water -repellent properties. The optimal size of the beam for the construction of the outer box is 150 × 150 millimeters. For internal partitions, you can use a beam size that will be one hundred and fifty millimeters by 10 centimeters.

As an antiseptic today, a grandfather’s method is used. In this case, each beam is treated with motor oil. We draw your attention to the fact that the first crown is processed completely from all sides, all the rest are enough to lubricate only inside.

The construction of the bath does not take much time, and it will not take too much cash. Here is the main desire.

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