Interior trends brought from around the world

Each country has its own culture, which applies not only to products and holidays, but also to the design of the interior. Some things are popular all over the world, but not all people know about the roots of one or another style. There are obvious knowledge, for example, going to the Eastern Store, we will immediately recognize Turkish carpets, although even in such situations people confuse them with Moroccan, Persian, or even consider Russian.

Here are some popular interior trends that came to us from other cultures.

Moroccan tiles and Moroccan mosaics

Moroccan tiles have a special pattern. You probably saw such an ornament in stores with finishing materials, but never thought about where it came from. Traditional architecture in Morocco is decorated with tile tiles – Zullaiga. Its classical production may differ from modern, but the image on a modernized tile is made with a similar pattern.

To best integrate the Moroccan mosaic into your interior, use a combination of color combinations in its ornament with other objects and other decoration in the room.

Textile Ikat from Indonesia

Ikat textiles are usually associated with Indonesia. These are decorative fabrics with a variegated bright pattern. The word “Ikat” itself means “weaving” and therefore now they call it the technique of manufacturing fabric, when the threads are painted right before we waging the material from them. The pattern on the fabric is also called Ikat, and the fabric is called the fabric of the Ikat.

Ikat fabrics are easily mixed with other patterns and textures in a relaxed, bohemian atmosphere. Ethnic interiors are considered a good place to use these materials, but the palette of the entire room must be limited to ensure a stylish look.

Danish furniture

A huge amount of furniture in the world is made according to the standard of Danish furniture of the mid-20th century. Furniture personifies the achievements of mankind in the manufacture of materials and focuses on the form and functionality. This is a beautiful simplicity.

Terracotta products from Spain

Plates, plates, vases and other interior products in Spanish terracotta is another popular trend that is in demand around the world, but almost no one knows where he came to us. Ceramic things – jugs for sangria, bowls of clay, peas for frying – all this is often done according to the Spanish traditional method and with the corresponding design.

English club leather chairs

A huge number of leather chairs are made in a classic British style that is characteristic of English men’s clubs. Such chairs are made from expensive materials, but they may well supplement the pillows of decorative from suede.

African fabrics Bogolan

Bogolan or Bogolanfini is a manually made cotton fabric painted with mud. Such fabrics occupy an important place in the history and culture of Mali, and recently they are even considered a symbol of this state. They are exported to all countries of the world and used for the production of various things, including to decorate the house.

Bogodan textiles are bought for different purposes. Some draw up a bed by them, while others use them as a tablecloth for a dining table. You can even put them on the sofa or hang on the wall.

Turkish carpets

Carpets in Turkey are part of the country’s history – religious, cultural, environmental, political, social and economic. Their style was influenced by many nations. As well as Persian carpets (Iran), Turkish carpets are valued all over the world and they are exported to other countries.

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