I want to make repairs in the bathroom. What should I remember?

Repair in the bathroom is a common budget waste. On the one hand, it seems that since the room is small, then you need to spend less funds, but this is a trap in which we do not recommend that you get. In general, it is worth resorting to the full repair of the bathroom only after you feel that some of the devices of this room or the entire interior have ceased to be functional or too old. On the other hand, constant small work on remodeling or replacing plumbing is simply necessary, so as not to launch the room until the time when the overhaul is required.

The bathroom is designed to relax. This is a calm place where you can refresh and get the necessary relaxation. There are some tips that should be remembered, when conducting reconstructions in the bathroom, so that you get an option that will become your new corrugation harbor.

one. The first thing to consider if you want to make repairs in the bathroom is your budget. You should always work within your funds. It would be very wise to think about what really needs to be replaced, and what problem can be solved with a small repair. If you have a yellow bath, then maybe it is just worth it to wash it well or call a specialist for cleaning or reconstruction. In most cases, it is cheaper than replacing a bath. By the way, the same applies to another plumbing. And the cabinets can generally be reconstructed by using one of the projects.

2. An important factor is plumbing. Its replacement is one thing, but its movement is already more difficult. The fact is that you have already organized the necessary withdrawal of pipes and a sewage system has been carried out. If you suddenly decide that you want to see the toilet on the other side of the room, then this will fly into a pretty penny and great stress with repair work on the analysis of the laid water supply. By the way, in some cases, even replacing the mixer is cheaper with similar. For example, if you have a mixer in the sink, and you suddenly decided that you want it to stick out of the wall. In this case, you will have to replace the sink (since it contains an empty hole that spoils the appearance) and draw pipes in the wall in order to remove water through the crane in the wall. You see?

3. You can change the appearance of the bathroom without making a serious repair in it. We often talk about this, because it is absolutely more budget than heavy renovation and replacing old materials with new. For example, the surfaces in the bathroom (floor or wall) can simply be washed, and then fixed shelves, paintings, accessories for the bathroom on them. Having hung a towel or selecting combined scenery, you will easily and cheaply change the appearance of the room.

four. Lighting is of great importance. The correct light in the bathroom has its influence on its appearance. Try to add lamps and suspended lamps, and this in itself can affect the design.

Portal Project Roads wishes you a beautiful bathroom. Enjoy this room and enjoy relaxation in the bath with joy.

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