I want my family to love a country house or cottage

So, you decided to build your country housing, and this means that you are moving away from a noisy and annoying city. This is wonderful and great, because nature and environment will give you a greater chance for a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your family. In this article we want to talk about how not to bring to our country life (whether it be a permanent cottage or summer cottage), too many city. This article will be useful for you if you want your family to take a break from urbanization, and also if you just like the ecology and strive to become at least a little, but closer to nature. Do not be afraid, we will not force you to abandon everything, go to the forest and sing “Kumbai”, but we will tell you how to be less dependent on the city by a person.

one.  You need to build a good house

It sounds logical, but what exactly is meant by a good house? We want you to take care of your suburban dwelling and make it as cozy and comfortable as possible. The cottage should not be a place where you bring all your old furniture and do not shake off the web in your bedroom, where Tarakan Stepan Eduardovich with all his family lives together with the spider Gosha and even the mouse overgrown with dust. All this should not be.

Even the Wigwams of the Indians are tidy in their appearance. Make your home tidy and comfortable for living. If your children cry from insects, then take care of their absence inside the house. No need to say something like “you went to nature. Learn life with the wind in your hair and find a common language with Flora and Fauna “. By this you will only scare your city child, and it will hate a suburban life for the rest of your life. The house should be pleasant, welcoming and comfortable. If you install a pool or something like a basketball ring or a climbing wall, then the level of love for the country will increase rapidly, exactly, like your family activity.

In general, you can choose the construction of turnkey frame houses and make yourself a beautiful, cozy and interesting dwelling, where each family member will gladly want to spend free time both in winter and in the summer. This is the basis that will allow your family to experience a love of nature.

2.  Reduce the connection with the network

We do not require you to turn off the electricity in the house, but change a number of power sources to more energy -efficient options. For heating, try using a wood stove. You can also use your own boiler room to heat the house and water supply.

The popular option today is solar panels that will help you use the energy of the sun. Autonomous gas supply will allow you to not depend on electricity.

Explore more advice and opinions of ecologists on how to reduce carbon dioxide exhausts.

In no case do not spend the Internet to the cottage, but do not forbid children to use their gadgets to access the network through 3G, but with time limitations.

Become energy -efficient. Use tips to strengthen the energy efficiency of your housing.

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