How to remove statics from clothes

Static sticking of clothing (static electricity on clothes) is due to the fact that during drying the fabric rubs against each other, and electric charges accumulate (they are positive on the surface, and on the inside – negative), and then they begin to reach for each other ( And then a spark or a distinct cod sound is possible). Statical adhesion can be prevented, including with the help of air conditioners or antistics for washing.

In the antistics, whatever they may be contained chemicals that can be toxic. So children’s clothes with antistatics, as a rule, do not wash. In general, many prefer not to use antistatics, and are looking for ways to remove statics from clothes without antistics.

In general, ordinary antistatics are really toxic, and they can cause allergies or skin irritation. But clothes for linen (the so -called softeners of linen) can be natural, and they perform two functions at once: make clothes soft and eliminate static adhesion. Thus, you can use environmentally friendly softeners (air conditioners) during washing, and do not worry about statics or toxins.

Softeners, unlike full -fledged antistics, may not have a full -fledged effect, that is, only partially removed statics, although in most cases the air conditioner is enough – at least, socks do not stick to sweaters after washing and rarely beat the owners of the current. In addition to this, the clothes after the air conditioner will be soft (this is especially felt on towels, robes and other comfortable fabrics).

Not all softeners for linen are the same, so do not be upset if the first air conditioner you bought has not removed the statics. The second one may also not work, but usually, after some attempts, people find a suitable option for themselves and abandon the antistics (both those that are used during washing and those that are applied to clothes after).

If you are an absolute opponent of air conditioners and antistics, then try ordinary household tricks, such as spreading through the clothes of metal hangers or other metal objects (you stretch them through clothes, for example, stick through the sweater collar to the opening below). Metal items work fine, but they work best with silk. You can also wear a metal pin inside the clothes (this will save you from shock blows).

You can wash things without antistatics and air conditioners, but with soda (1-2 spoons scatters right on the clothes before washing). You can also wash clothes with a ball made of foil (just roll a piece of ordinary foil in a fist and throw it into the drum with clothes), but pull it out of the drum until the “drying” mode is turned on.

Ordinary balls that are bought for drying things (for example, down jackets) also contribute to reducing statics.

If you are not against chemicals, but there is no antistatics in the house, and you want to wear a sweater or stockings right now, then try to spray your hair spray (keep it at a sufficient distance from clothes to avoid spots).

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