How to make a basement?

Thoroughly think over the basement of the house is very important. At the design stage, it is necessary to consider all the nuances. With clay soil, the foundation must be laid much deeper, approximately 130 cm deeper. Add to this the height of the base and we get two meters of unused space at once. Therefore, creating a basement or construction of a basement in this case is the right solution. In this article, consider the construction of the basement with your own hands.We will tell you how to make a basement and equip, insulate it.

If you have long dreamed of your own wine cellar, then you need to know that the usual basement will not work here. Such a room has its own characteristics, and only real specialists should build it. But how to make a basement without attracting expensive specialists? If you built a house with your own hands, then most likely you have already taken into account the basement in the project. And if not, then it can be done.

What to consider during the construction of the basement under the house, in the garage or residential building?

First, to think over the waterproofing of the basement. There are several points that are worth paying attention to:

Around the building, it is necessary to create a waterproof belt, the so-called blind area, 0.5-1 meter wide. It can be concrete or asphalt. The place of adjacency to the construction should be absolutely tight.

Create drainage, since the soil is wet, and sometimes groundwater approaches the very surface of the earth. To do this, you need to select a low area and bring to it a pipe laid in a trench around the building at the depths of the foundation. However, it should be noted that this method will not completely save you from moisture.

A very good option – clay waterproofing. For this, the clay is thoroughly mixed, tamped and laid out around the basement in a layer of 15-20 cm.

Glassesol or roofing material, bitumen or mastic – another option of leaving the situation. You can also use penetrating waterproofing or elastic cement compounds.

Paul waterproofing in the basement of the lady is carried out when the screed is arranged. Before starting work, you need to find leaks and eliminate them.

The second important point is to insulate the basement from the inside and outside. There is no hot underground, the temperature there can be said, unpleasant for a human being, although with severe frosts, soil water does not turn into ice, and therefore in such weather underground is warmer than on the surface.

If thermal insulation is well thought out in the basement, then this room will not have to be heated, which is also a huge plus and saving of funds. It should be borne in mind that proper waterproofing is also important, it should be inside thermal insulation, and not vice versa, otherwise the house threatens to spoil the coating.

Since thermal insulation will be outside, which means to experience the pernicious effect of the environment, it must meet the following requirements:

– Do not absorb moisture, in other words to be waterproof;

– Do not crush and do not collapse, that is, to be strong;

– Have a long service life (several decades).

Very good material that satisfies all these requirements is extrusion foam. He is sealed and durable.

The third one is worth thinking about – the finish of the basement. Since the basement of the room is dark, the light color scheme and good lighting will help to smooth out this nuance. Ventilation is also very important. Materials should be resistant to moisture (tile, stone). Falshocon is perfect for finishing, but it is better to forget about plastic, fabric and wallpaper.

When arranging a basement, be sure to consider all the recommendations. Then your life in such a room will become truly bright and comfortable.

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