How to choose ceramic tiles? – DIY finishing work

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It is especially difficult to choose ceramic tiles today.

What kind of beauty was in the days (young people do not know, and if they know, only according to the stories of older ones) total deficiency – he grabbed what he took out from the form or from under the floor – and go home, brag to friends and neighbors. Not so now. To buy ceramic tiles, you need to run around the city, in the online store we’ll turn over the sites, and not in search of a scarce product, but due to a huge variety. The tiles are large, the tiles are small, plain and with a pattern, glazed and matte, Spanish, Italian, German – not listed.

Let’s try to prioritize when choosing ceramic tiles for the kitchen. What is most important in the interior of the kitchen in addition to beauty? Of course, functionality. Therefore, you should immediately decide what means you have and decide what you will do? A small, so-called “apron”, in the kitchen, or still decide, make a real design breakthrough and finish your kitchen, if not on a grand scale, then at least beautifully.

Buying tiles for the kitchen is not to stick wallpaper, which can be changed at least every week – there would be a desire and time. Here you must show maximum ingenuity, carefully view the options for finishing, decide what is right for you. You can finish your kitchen in the style of “Country”, “Provence”, where, against the background of contrasting shades, there will be a colorful panel – the highlight of your interior. The same tile can be lined with the countertop.

And you can give preference to never aging classics, or choose modern and trendy hi-tech. Ceramic tiles today ceased to be just ceramic tiles. In addition to functionality, you are offered an unusually wide palette of all kinds of design solutions that you can realize. Together with tiles, beauty itself will enter your house, because it is the embodiment of high taste, style and quality, creativity and a new view of the living space. Ceramic tiles have already ceased to be just finishing material, today it can simulate brick, wood, skin, even metal. The modern world of tiles is a variety of forms, design and field of practical application. Wear resistance today is complemented by the variety and wealth of colors and drawings.

It is worth saying separately about ceramic tiles of ten centimeters in size. This tile is again in fashion in modern design of popular and revered fashion houses in Europe. It provides a lot of advantages in the design of the kitchen. You can fold a panel in the style of the “patchwork”, making up a multi -colored pattern of small tiles, you can choose a plain color scheme or make a strict pattern of contrasting tones – the flight of your imagination is unlimited. Tiles can be a repetition of the main tones in the decoration of the kitchen, or on the contrary, emphasize the strictness and beauty of the kitchen set of the opposite color. Many panels and borders that have collections of tiles will allow the use of Italian or French themes in the decoration of the kitchen. In a tile of this size, manual painting is often used.

On the market there is a choice of both domestic high -quality and imported magnificent and luxurious ceramic tiles. The choice is yours. And it is worth treating the choice with responsibility, reconsider as many options as possible, beautiful and innovative ideas, design solutions. Do not hold back the flight of your imagination, experiment, dare, let your cuisine enter your kitchen, the beauty and charm of ceramics.

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