How to build a house?

Suppose, some time ago, future homeowners dreamed of their own house. And in order to embody their dream into reality, they unsuccessfully began to look for the perfect house, chose, compared the positive and negative parameters of a particular structure. Of course, the cottage was seen by such people by some personification of the world, kind and clear family traditions.

But, looking through the catalog of ready -made plans, they saw what they dreamed about: a small house with an area of ​​a little more than two hundred square meters, with an attic, original shape. And then they thought about how their construction would be further proceeded and what they need to do, that is, how to build a house of their dreams?

How to build a house? First of all, you need to find builders, because the quality of the future home largely depends on the performers. Where to find them? There are two ways to solve this problem. 1st: conclude a contract with a construction company. Construction in this case will be advanced in line with a distinctly planned schedule and will, who will be responsible for the terms and quality of the already finished structure. 2nd path: find a team that will work under the guidance of a foreman or personally customer, in the latter cases we are talking about practically building a house with your own hands. Construction will go by oral agreement, but it will cost the client somewhat cheaper. However, in this situation, no one will give you a guarantee that the terms and technologies themselves will be observed.

If we talk about soil and foundation, then it is necessary to specifically attract a company that will produce geological and geodetic surveillance, and its conclusion will tell you that soils, for example, are not difficult, there is no need to build an enhanced foundation or vice versa. However, it will not hurt to insure yourself, so you should not save on the foundation and make it solid and high -quality.

Based on a review of soils and personal wishes of the owners, a place for your house is selected on the site, then the marking of the site is made. After that, you need to dig a pit and perform a sandbug with an excellent tamping – a gravelly pillow. The foundation is performed in the form of a whole reinforced concrete slab with a thickness of about thirty centimeters using concrete M 350. Later laid out in two rows of foundation blocks.

I must say that the initial plan is supposed to build a brick house. Of course, for developers, a brick is a common material, but the construction of it lasts quite a long time, in addition, so that the walls meet the norms for heat saving, they must also be additionally insulated. As a result, customers, having moved all types of wall materials and consulted with specialists, changed the decision – to build a house from expanded clay concrete.

Composite facade of the house: facing brick and insulated plaster. A certain charm gives the roof overhang building, which are supported by wooden brackets.

The house is very comfortable and comfortable. Future owners will probably be satisfied with the plan, and the approach to construction, and the quality of the work performed. You also learned about which material for walls to prefer.

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