Home hearth – how to make a fireplace from drywall yourself

The fireplace is a symbol of prosperity and comfort. Although, it is unlikely that anyone will allow you to build a real fireplace fireplace in your home apartment. However, after all, you can install artificial, with a drywall case. How to do it? Read further.

Location selection and drawing. To independently assemble a fireplace from drywall, first you need to choose where it will be, determine its functional features and form. And cook drawings.

Most often, fireplaces are installed in the center of the room, near some wall. If there is no such possibility, you can choose the corner option. It also looks very impressive.

A full -fledged working fireplace in a city apartment can be installed if you live on the top floor. Do not forget to consult with experienced architects or builders in advance. And, of course, it is necessary to get permission in the departments of local self -government. For a working fireplace, it will be necessary to install a chimney and “pillows” of heat -resistant brick. It is advisable to entrust the calculations and the construction of experts.

If the room has equipment with hydraulics, it is periodically necessary to serve a hydraulic distributor. These are the necessary measures to maintain in an efficient state of all equipment. Only specialists who have enough skills and experience can conduct such a service.

A chimney does not need an artificial fireplace. A drywall box is simply attached on a frame made of a metal profile. In view of this, it can be mounted in almost any room of the apartment.

Before hand, it should be indicated not by the drawing location and dimensions of the fireplace. Next, you need to transfer the drawing to the wall, check the correctness of the calculations. If you plan to install a fireplace fireplace, make a correction for auxiliary thermal insulation of the floor and walls.

Preparation of the material

How to independently equip a drywall fireplace? The drawing is transferred to the wall, the dimensions are double -checked. It’s time to choose materials.

Drywall sheets can be of different thicknesses. And thus different properties.

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