Hi-tech techno: went on vacation? No one to leave the pet with? Feed the animal remotely

Internet technologies make life easier for us all. Including, even for our favorite pets. When you want to go on vacation, you always need a couple of extra hands to feed the animal left or to replenish its bowl with water, but with new devices, you can do it yourself.

The product that was made in Japan about five years ago – ISEEPET360 included a large container for storing feed for pets. This device also had a dish where food automatically got. And also the design included a webcam so that you could monitor the pet over the Internet in order to always be sure that everything is in order. However, the product was discontinued and for several years there were no alternative offers that would offer remote monitoring and feeding of a pet.

And, nevertheless, just recently, finally, they released a series of different equipment of this direction.

Remoca Dog Food Bowl Camera (cost $ 691)

This is the only product that today at least partially resembles isePet360 is also a Japanese invention. It is intended for small dogs. Remoca has two small bowls for food and a bowl of water, which automatically releases water from the installed bottle of water.

The device has a camera with which you can remotely observe the entire room where the dishes with food are located. The device is low -power and suitable only for small portions of food, which means for large dogs – this is not an option. The food is placed in two very small bowls, which are usually closed, but you can remotely remove the covers from them using software. The plus is that you can place canned food in bowls, and not just dry food.

Remote feeder also has other useful opportunities. For example, you can see what is happening in the dark using the infrared mode. You can also talk to your pet through the speaker built into the device. By the way, it should be connected to the Internet via a Wi-Fi home network or Ethernet cable. The kit is attached to the kit for control of the camera, as well as the application for the phones on Android.

Unfortunately, in our opinion, Remoka is a very expensive device. But do not be discouraged, the project has found alternatives.

Pintofeed (cost $ 130)

Another feeder for pets is called Pintofeeed. He is currently at the stage of development, but the company is already introducing people to prototypes. The feeder is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi and you can remotely track the animal through the camera and control the device through a smartphone and even through social media.

Dry feed for animals can be released into the bowl according to the schedule or according to your signal through the application. PintofeeD can notify you on Twitter and even on Facebook, as well as for SMS about when your pet starts to eat and finishes. He can also remotely report on problems with food.

The device is connected to the outlet. If something happens to electricity, the reserve battery is turned on.

Pintofeed is a project that is sponsored by volunteers on the Internet through the well -known Indiegogo system. They have already collected the necessary amount for the implementation of the concept in life, so by the end of the year the goods will enter the market in the USA. Expected price – $ 130.

These are the high-tech devices can soon appear in every kitchen where pets live.  And remember that the high-tech kitchen is not only design and appearance, but also the thoughtfulness of details and high technological elements.

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