Glossy or matte stretch ceilings?

More recently, suspended ceilings were quite expensive and outlandish pleasure, not affordable for everyone. And this is not surprising, because they are resistant to fire, durable, durable and also look great. In addition, they have a variety of figures and other constructive advantages giving food for non -standard design solutions.

Despite a huge variety, these ceilings are divided into two 2 types: glossy and matte. Each type of such ceilings is good in their own way and have their own advantages with disadvantages.

Glossy ceilings – made only from PVC paintings. The surface has properties that are consonant with the name of these ceilings – glossy, perfectly smooth and reflecting all objects.

Matte ceilings – made of polyester or polyvinyl chloride canvas and are completely saturated with polyurethane. Visually they are also smooth, but when touching the rough. These ceilings, properly from the name, do not reflect the surfaces and they look matte in appearance.

It doesn’t matter what your choice will be, these ceilings in any case will decorate your home. However, their choice should depend on the type of room design.

Matte ceilings perfectly complement the classic style in the interior. They do not glue and look like ordinary whitewashing – classically and noble. Thanks to these ceilings, you will forget about exhausting plaster and painting. It remains only to choose the color of the canvas. In addition, you can apply drawings and photos on them without unnecessary problems. The color of these ceilings does not fade over time. Yes, and such ceilings will not distract attention thanks to their conservative shades.

Glossy ceilings are suitable for bold or experimental decor. Such ceilings visually expand the space of the room, make it lighter and brighter. In buildings where the ceilings are highly located, they create a feeling of the presence of the second floor. In addition, such glossy stretch ceilings become a key feature in the interior of the room. Such ceilings give chic to the room in which they are located. It is better not to use them in the classic style, since there they will be inappropriate.

The choice of the ceiling you need may depend on the volume of the room where it is planned to be installed. The thing is that stretch ceilings differ in one more characteristic line – suture and seamless. Seamless are much environmentally cleaner and look better. However, if you need a canvas five meters wide, then only matte. The glossy width is from one and a half to three meters. Therefore, if you like without seams, then you need to dwell on the matte version.

When installing glossy ceilings, you need to make seams. However, this is not scary, since there are technologies that allow them to bite them.

A very important point – matte ceilings withstand even the minus temperature, unlike glossy. Glossy ceilings are designed for installation only in heated rooms. As for resistance to humidity, then they are approximately the same in properties.

It is easy to care for both views – occasionally you need to wipe with a damp cloth.

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