Garden Trends of 2016

Drought -resistant plants, container landings, edible gardens – this was once a fashionable trend, and now it is the norm. And lately, landscape designers have a mountain of new ideas ..

You can start designing your country site yourself or hire a landscape designer. About what a turnkey landscape design is in the workshop of Lenotr-Park (Landscape-Architecture-Moscow). If you hire a team of landscape designers, specialists of several areas will work with you who will solve most of the issues for you. If you make the garden on your own, then you will need to hire specific specialists for specific tasks, for example, an engineer for the design of engineering systems or dendrologist for the selection of plants for specified conditions.

According to landscape design experts, people are increasingly asking for creating a garden filled with different colors. It is not always about planting flowers or mounting flower beds. More often people prefer standard green plants, but order bright fences, arbors, figures for the garden, etc.P.

Previously, fences were most often painted in white, brown and gray colors, but now the most common colors of the fence have become dark green and dark blue. This trend was born in Europe.

The demand for stone structures and cable decor in the garden also increased.

Experts are asked to choose flowers for landing, which will begin to bloom in a given climate in the spring. In addition, there was a demand for trees that turn yellow most beautiful in the fall.  But the most fashionable trend is the landing of trees in such a way that they create the same beautiful pattern as in the green state in the summer.

People show great interest in growing plants in closed rooms (greenhouses) and the design of the garden with pots with plants.

Among vegetables that are grown in closed rooms not only as a nutrient product, but also as a beautiful decor, especially decorative varieties of tomatoes, such as tiny cherry tomatoes in the shape of a heart. They are called sweet Valentine. In general, the design of the garden by beds today is not only fashionable, but also useful. Healthy products from their own garden not only save money, but also provide a family with fresh organic vegetables. Landscaping designers are often hired so that the garden looks beautiful, and not just on a summer cottage.

A new trend was born in the circle of specialists in landscape design. It turned out that customers need to train to perceive street furniture from different sides. People often think about garden furniture as cheap plastic furniture, on which you can throw a garden spatula or behind which you can drink tea with a neighbor. In fact, garden furniture can be part of the design of the open street space. The collections of such furniture today are as widespread as the collections of interior furniture.

Also, landscape design experts today began to offer customers more typical gardens in a special style created for relaxation. It turned out that not many people themselves ask about it and not many people suspect that this is exactly what they want. In fact, customers often turn to companies involved in the professional design of the garden, but do not always know in advance what they want to get as a result. After communicating with customers, many designers understand that customers want not just a beautiful garden, but an environmentally friendly open space, in which you can retire without worries and troubles of some time in the bosom of nature.

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