Fengshui: How to hang a mirror correctly?

Exactly how to place mirrors in your apartment? Mirrors are often used in small apartments to correct the shortcomings of the layout, visual expansion of free spaces and, in addition, increase the light of the sun. However, in accordance with the traditions of Fengshui, the mirrors are called to take care not only, and also not so much about the visible individual parts of the layout, how much about the very correct course of qi energy, “white” life energy in your apartment.

Mirrors, hallway room

Feng Shui pays special attention to the hallway, because just this way we (qi energy) fall into the house. It is never unacceptable to place the mirror directly on the contrary of the entrance, because in this case the energy will immediately leave the house. It is much better to hang the mirror from the side, then so that living rooms are reflected in it, or at an angle in order to redirect qi energy into the premises. In our apartments, the sanitary node is often nearby with the hallway of the room, which is why the energy directly “flows” through it. To straighten this location will help you with a mirror hanged on the door of the sanitary node (of course, from the outside). Also, in return for the mirror, you can also apply the image of the landscape, which seems to be disguise the entrance to the sanitary unit.

Mirrors in the room

Mirrors will allow the dimensions of the room to restore the dimensions, harmonizing them. So, if it so happened that the room is excessively removed (similar to the car), then, in this case, for correction, it is enough to hang considerable mirrors on very long sides in order to visually expand the room and, in addition, improve the circuit of the energy of energy. Moreover, if it happened that a small angle is created in the room, a rather close nook, then, in this case, it is similar to expanded by mirrors in a similar way. It should be remembered that the presence of such close zones in your apartment contributes to the staging of energy and, in addition, the deterioration of the atmosphere.

In addition, in accordance with the laws of Feng Shui, everything negative, reflected in the mirror, changes its symbol. So you can also correct the diverse errors of professional builders and planners: from erroneously set doors to mowed room ceilings. However, it is quite important not to overdo it: mirrors are a powerful good tool, in one room it is unacceptable to use much more than 2-3 considerable mirrors.

Characteristics of application

Fengshui believes that the mirrors contains quite important information about a person, literally his second I am, because a broken mirror every time promises trouble. However, it is very easy to prevent, in the same case, if you directly collect the fragments, wash them with running water. Therefore, we seem to damp information about ourselves from the mirror. Moreover, all the mirrors hanging in the house must be meticulously wiped and, in addition, constantly cleaned, since they carefully absorb complete surrounding energy, including negative.

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