Features of the installation of wooden windows

Now wooden windows are almost no different from plastic. The difference is only in the window frame, more precisely in the material from which it is made. The installation takes place in the same way as for plastic windows, but there are several features.

Waterproofing frame

When installing wooden windows, their waterproofing is necessary, since the tree absorbs moisture well from the outside. It is possible to waterproof the help of roofing material or using dry waterproofing mixtures, you can also, in extreme cases, use dense polyethylene. Waterproofing is applied from the end and to the adjacent edges of the window opening.


For wooden windows, a fixed gap between the opening and the window frame is an important part of the installation. Wooden windows are subject to change in size due to humidity. When installing, you should leave a gap of 5-6 cm from below, and from above and from the sides 1-2 cm

Window mount in the opening

The fasteners of a wooden window are carried out by powerful dowels and anchor bolts directly through the frame. Special brackets do not use for fasteners, since their fixation is enhanced using installation foam. And according to the rules for installing a wooden window, it is not used. With competent installation, the seat of the mounting place can be made completely not noticeable.

Warming of wooden windows

Installation foam is not suitable for insulation of wood windows, due to the physical features of the material. Therefore, mineral insulation is used for insulation. For insulation, it is necessary to fill in the cracks in the window block, but not very tight. After that, it is necessary to make a heater putty. We make it cement plaster. The solution should not be deeply immersed in the gap, otherwise it will compact the insulation. The putty must be done both from the inner and outer side of the window.


A wooden windowsill is attached a little differently than a plastic. The plastic is glued to the mounting foam and grinned into the groove. The wooden one is screwed with self -tapping screws or fastened with nails to the bottom of the window frame, then bursting with slopes. The space under the windowsill is filled with mineral insulation and is sealed with cement mortar. Installation foam for these purposes is better not to use.

These basic and very important differences, the teaching of which when installing will help you make the right installation. And will contribute to long operation.

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