Features of cultivation and production of cannabis in Colombia

The Colombian government legalized the cultivation and production of cannabis for medical and research purposes in August 2017.

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection issues licenses, which differ depending on the type of seed, the production process and the clientele.

The global cannabis market is expected to be worth US$43.000 million by 2025, of which US$43.000 million will be in Colombia.

This anticipated growth in the medicinal cannabis sector has attracted foreign investors, including industry pioneers from North America.

Colombian businesses benefit greatly from the cheap production and cultivation of medical cannabis.

Countries are already shipping medical marijuana around the world.

At the end of 2018, more than 200 companies registered for the license, demonstrating the attractiveness and promise that this new legislation offers.

If the numbers we discussed are to be believed, in 2022 it’s worth it.
Take into account the expected growth in the cannabis sector and make your calculations.

It is estimated that the daily profit even exceeds 380,000 kopecks.

If you care about money, dive straight into the sector by getting the necessary licensing and doing your thing in 2022.

The Colombian and global market will soon reward you with notable profitability.

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