Fahver houses: traditional symbolism and modern construction

Completely unique things are rarely built, especially when it comes to home construction. One way or another, design solutions cross and architectural styles of past eras are embodied in our time. Colorful eaterous houses illustrate this thought.

According to Realestate, five years ago, the share of the eater in Russia grows along with a share of wooden housing construction in general, however, most often Fahver houses attract buyers of real estate of business class and the Dlux class class. At the same time, according to the builders working in the 2017 market, the facade decoration according to the Fahverk method allows and the economy class to get beautiful housing in the style. Modern methods of building houses in the style of Fachverk make such houses affordable.

You can easily and cheaply create an imitation in the style of the fachwerk, and to bear the elements of the frame in the forefront is quite simple. But expensive Fahver houses are built from an expensive wooden beam according to all the rules for building houses of this type. I simulations, cheap fahhruk houses and real fahverk houses are outwardly similar, but differ in almost all other indicators. To see specific differences, you need to compare specific projects.

Symbolism and eating houses

Fahverk style came to the world from Western Europe and Scandinavia. The outer part of the house is a hard frame divided into several equal cells that are filled with various materials. It is believed that for the first time such houses began to be built in Germany, but similar construction in the same eras was inherent in some other countries of Western Europe, Great Britain and the countries of Scandinavia.

To understand what the eater design is, just look at the architectural trends of the 15-16 centuries in Germany. Then, in accordance with the requirements of fashion, they built frame houses from dark wood, such as larch or oak. The frame itself included vertical, horizontal and diagonal elements, which, in addition to the decorative function, performed a supporting function.

The facade of the Fahverkoy house was its main jewelry. In Germany and England, houses located on the central streets should have been ennobled in this style for the unity of the architectural ensemble.

However, in addition to the colorful facade, the houses were decorated with additional ornaments that have special symbols. For example, at one time in German architecture was especially a cross from the upper beams. He was called Andreevsky Cross. This baptism later embodied in a special complex scheme, which was used by people not only to decorate the building, but also as a symbol of fire protection. Andreevsky Cross is now used as an element of a pattern on the walls of a building in the style of the fachwerk.

Curls on the side beams in the form of the letter S were used as protection against lightning and natural disasters. If a person was busy in agriculture, he decorated his Fahver House with an ornament in the form of a circle symbolizing the sun.

Modern construction of houses in the style of the fachwerk

The frame of the Fakhwerk house was traditionally built from an array of conifers with solid or laminated veneer. Now these materials are also used, but more often they choose a beam. The sinuses used to be filled with clay composition, but now highly effective mineral wool and ecowata have come in their place.

But the building itself can be made of different materials, on which both the price and the qualitative features of the house depend. The technology of the eater and the technology of imitating a traditional eater allow you to create designs of this style of polypropylene plates, sandwich panels or even cement-stem ponds.

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