Factors that affect the choice of flooring

Believe it or not, the floors in your house are of great importance. They not only influence the interior, increasing its beauty and value at home, but are also responsible for your comfort and sometimes even for the mood. Remember at least your sensations from how you wake up in the morning and, getting out of bed, lower your legs to the floor. These are your first morning sensations.

In order to know what is best suited as a flooring for your home, you need to ask yourself a few questions. The choice of flooring depends on parameters such as the age of people living in the house, their number and desire. Let’s look at different types of floors and determine what will be best to work in your room.

To begin with, decide on your budget, or rather what you are going to make a floor replacement. If this is your personal living space, then you are considering long prospects, so you should invest additional funds in the material. If you rent an apartment, then something less durable and cheaper will be enough for you.

There are various factors that should be taken into account when choosing flooring. These factors:

Traffic. How often they go (or crawl) on the floor? The more often they go along the floor, the faster it is abloomed, therefore, for often passable areas, more hardy material is required. This is one of the reasons why in the kitchen and in the corridor it is recommended to lay ceramic tiles or stone.

Safety. If young children, elderly people or disabled people live with you, then you need to consider additional parameters. For example, the carpet will be an obstacle to a wheelchair, but for a child crawling on the floor, this is a great option. On the other hand, children and elderly people tend to keep their balance poorly, which means slippery floors like tiles or varnished parquet can be a problematic solution in the safety point of view.

Usage. In kitchens, laundries and pantries, the flooring should retain moisture, but in the bathroom it is advisable to strengthen this indicator before holding water. However, the floor surface in the bathroom and corridor should be pleasant to the touch if you go barefoot. A similar factor is acceptable for living rooms and bedrooms, but it should be borne in mind that in the living room, where you receive guests, people can walk in shoes. For these premises, you can buy a good laminate, for example, in the company of aesthesis, which, in addition to flooring, offers a large number of beautiful wallpapers for decorating an apartment.

Pets. If you have pets, then they should also be taken into account. On the tiled floors, a cat or dog can clatch with claws, creating you an unpleasant sound row (especially at night). But you need to be careful with the parquet, because animals abrasion the layer of varnish, making the surface visually repulsive.

The total list of factors that need to be taken into account when choosing the floor covering – strength, style, frequency of movement, created noise, safety, moisture control and textile comfort. Something will definitely have to be sacrificed for the sake of another, but it depends solely on your preferences.

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