Electro -supply equipment

Electricity arrives at the house on the air or cable line, passes through the introductory shield, an accounting shield with an electric counter and enters the distribution shield. From the distribution shield, electricity comes to consumers to sockets and lamps with switches.

In multi -storey buildings, electricity from the distribution shield enters the entrance to the 1st floor in a floor shield. It is distributed from the floor shield by the apartments of its floor. From the first floor, by vertical wires (riser), electricity enters the second floor to the apartments of the second floor and then to the third floor.

On the stairs of each floor there is its own floor shield.

In the general case, electrical equipment is intended for switching (connection) of wires, accounting for electricity consumption and protecting the outgoing lines from overload and short circuit.

Consider electrical paneling equipment on the example of a country house.

On the poster (air line support), the accounting shield is fixed to the house. It sets an electric energy meter and an introductory circuit breaker. Since it is located on the street, it should be sealed, not to let water and snow. Such a shield for strength is made of steel and applied to heat and cold varnish coating. Entering and withdrawal of wires into the shield is made only from below, so that water does not flow through the wire.

From the trunk wires of the air line, an isolated wire descends into the accounting shield. And from the accounting shield, the wire rises up the support and then goes through the air to the wall of the house. An introductory shield is installed on the wall at a height of 2.5 m. It is needed to turn off the electricity from the house, when the owners leave and to turn off the house in case of fire.

The introductory shield has an circuit breaker inside and should also be sealed.

From the introductory shield, the wire enters the house in the distribution shield. The circuit breakers installed in the distribution shield protect the lines inside the house from overload and short circuit.

The camshaft inside the house may not be sealed, since it will not fall on it or snow.

Distribution shields can be made of plastic with doors and fastening elements to the wall. The “Lightning” icon should be glued on each shield. This means that inside the shield is a life -threatening tension.

Electric shields must have a DIN-rack or mounting panel (steel sheet) for fastening circuit breakers, meter, protective shutdown, neutral tires and grounding. All elements inside the shield are interconnected by wires according to the developed scheme.

The wires extending from the shield should also have clamps for fastening. Otherwise, they will fall out of circuit breakers and connecting contacts and the shield will stop working.

Metal shield housings should be grounded for safe operation

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