Egger laminate – excavator

Egger laminate

Egger laminate is one of the reference in quality among the materials of this segment. Note that the brand is over 40 years old. Egger was founded in 1961 in g.St. Joga. After 4 years, a plant for the manufacture of wood-fibrous plates was purchased, and in 1970, Egger launches the production of chipboard. Since that time, Egger plants have existed in Germany, England and France, as well as Russia and Romania. Note that the Gagarinsky plywood plant was recognized as one of the most powerful throughout Europe.

Egger laminate

Egger manufactures of products obtained from waste materials. And Egger laminate is one of the best in the world both in terms of its technical indicators and design solutions. Note that the use of the laminate of this brand is advisable for premises, designed by any interior, since the incident represents a wide range of classical and non -standard textures. Therefore, the Egger laminate remains in the favor of the designers for a long time.

The upper decorative layer is characterized by high wear resistance, which allows you to maintain an attractive type of coating, despite possible scratches or blows. Regarding the form, the Egger laminate is characterized by ideal geometry. For the production of this coating, a wide HDF plate is used, which is characterized by a dense structure and a sufficient width in order for laying the laminate to be seamless if possible. To increase moisture resistance, the plate is impregnated with special compounds. Such processing also promotes the stability of the coating to temperature extremes. Below the plate has a special balancing layer. For some models of Egger laminate, a special Silenzio substrate is provided, which helps to absorb the noise.

If we talk about textures, then the Egger laminate can be with a glossy surface (Brilliant), with a porous surface (Natural Pore), with velvet Matt), or its surface can remain natural (Woodline).  Non -standard design solutions are implemented in Rustic and Autentic Look lines.

You should also pay attention to a special lamella mounting system – Just Clik! Egger laminate laid provides for the possible irregularity of the floor of 3 mm. Even under this condition, the fastening will be reliable and durable.  Castle connection is carried out without the use of glue. At the same time, hot wax is processed. Studies have shown that the strength of the gap will be ideal, with an effort used 1002 kg, and provided that the floor surface is perfectly flat. Thus, we conclude that on such a flooring you can not be afraid to put furniture, and it is even possible to use it in the conditions of industrial premises.



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