Drainage system in construction

First of all, the drainage system is necessary for concentration and, as a result, neutralization of excess moisture. It can be either soil and rain, as well as wastewater. It is a complex structure of pipes and drainage wells located throughout the area necessary for development. There are many drainage options. It all depends on the very place and type of soil on which the construction is planned.

The drainage system is simply necessary to adjust the amount of moisture in the selected territory. It can be a garden plot, a private house or any other structure that is located in the territory with excess humidity or the presence of groundwater.

The capital structure includes the underground part – the foundation, which even at a small depth can suffer from the effects of groundwater. In the event that the basement for an underground garage or cellar is assumed. It is simply necessary for the drainage of the foundation, the price of this service is quite affordable now, and you will have to afford it. Due to the fact that soil waters contain corrosive components that destroy everything that will meet in their way, in a short time. In this case, neither internal nor external waterproofing will not save.

At the same time, in the absence of a drainage system, the underground part of the foundation experiences a constant pressure of water, especially in the winter, as well as in the spring with snow and autumn during the rain. Water pressure on the foundation leads to its displacement, as a result of which cracks are formed and the building is accordingly deformed.

Do not save on the quality of materials for creating a drainage system. Here, quality is a decisive factor on which the life of not only the system itself, but also the structure in general will depend on.

The absence of the drainage of the foundation of the house significantly shortens the lifetime of the building and the service of the foundation itself. Whereas when arranging a proper drainage system, the concrete of the foundation will only grow stronger over the years, and the building itself will last at least a hundred years.

In connection with the foregoing, it becomes clear why the drainage of the foundation of any building or site is needed so much. Do not try to save on such important things, because the safety of your home is above all. Indeed, it is more reasonable to do everything right once, and live calmly later.

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