Do -it -yourself well well

Now I will tell you how to make a well at home and with your own hands. Call home wells also cements. This is a very useful structure. The water is always clean, settled and cool. Well, always at hand is water!

It is better to hire professionals in this matter, because if there is a crack from the hair, the water will constantly leave. Concrete rings for wells to the country can greatly simplify the process of building a well. But this is a separate topic that was examined in the post earlier – “Dig a well – the main points”! And so, you have some skills in construction, and there is strength, as well as a strong desire for this matter!? Then let’s get down!

First of all, you need to choose a place where the least trees, since their roots will reach for moisture and form a crack over time. You also need to decide how many cubes we want to dig our “creation”. We will talk about a volume of three cubes.

Well, let’s get! We take any rope 70 cm long and draw a circle with it, like a circuit at school, remember? Then we begin to dig the earth in this diameter to the clay itself, yes, it is to clay. Well, what they dug up? Move on!

Now we need a shell, in the sense of a stone such. About 30 pieces, because in different places the depth to clay is different. Next, we make a solution (a bucket of cement into four sands) and put our shell around the wall around in the pit to the ground, and while we throw construction.

Now our well has become less in diameter, but there is a good base for the neck. Well, then. We continue to dig on. The breakthrough is about a meter already in clay, we begin to expand the hole, then after three or four bayonets we begin to narrow, that is, we make a pear. The bottom needs to be made semicircular, so that all the garbage will settled in the hole over time.

Next stage! We build a neck on the shell, here you can put it from red brick or shells, because then outside the neck you still plaster. The height of the neck can be built, whoever wants it, but look, so that it is convenient to get water later.

We continue! Take three or four buckets of small crushed stone and scatter it throughout the bottom. Next, we throw our entire well from above to the bottom with a rare solution as for plaster (a bucket of cement into three buckets of sand), it is done with a special bucket, it can be bought in a construction store. Do not forget to sift the sand from small pebbles. Well, if the solution sits quickly, you can add a clay shoulder blade when mixing a dry solution. And into the wall, no need to drive out nails. Next, we wipe with a trowel large and small holes, in the same solution only a little thicker. And then we throw the next and last time. We do it with the same solution, and immediately rub it with tower. Then you need to stir clean cement with water in the bucket and add liquid glass there, and with this liquid, open the entire well using a brush.

It is very important both processes of plaster inside to do in one entry in order to prevent drying out. And do not forget in two or three days, depending on what the weather will be, pour water. Otherwise breaks, that is, burst into small cracks. And remember this very hard work, something wrong and a lot of money is in the wind.

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