Do -it -yourself Parquet Repair Floors and Coating

At the moment, parquet is considered one of the most popular and environmentally friendly flooring, moreover, it belongs to the most expensive coatings. Although sometimes you have to repair the parquet with your own hands, but with proper care and operation, such a coating can serve for a long time and significantly saves your family budget.

And yet, after some time, the parquet can lose its original appearance, so that this does not happen, and that the floor looks perfect, it is necessary to constant care for it, at least once a month. Such care is needed behind any coating, in particular for the one that can be purchased in /kovrolin-magazin.

In the process of cleaning, it is recommended to use special chemical compositions and carry out periodic repairs. Every five years you need to make a parquet cosmetics.

In the case when the parquet looks great, it will be enough only to carry out an intermediate grinding, as well as cover the floor with a sparkle in several layers, bypassing the stage of the cycle.


If you find stains, scuffs or cracks on the parquet floor, you need to carry out overhaul of the old coating.

First of all, you need to remove the old varnish using special equipment, which, in addition to this procedure, will make the floor more even. If you have worn parquet, then they must be replaced.

After the cycle, the floor must be sanded with a machine for removing waves and strips, which sometimes remain after the cycle. After that, the floor is prepared for varnish coating. This remedy will give the floor a more pleasant shade and save the parquet from damage.

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