DIY stained glass

This article is intended for people with a thin, sensual nature, enormous hard work and no less patience. If not so, it will be extremely difficult for you to succeed.

Surely at least once, everyone saw foreign films in which the case unfolds in the Catholic Church. And operators who shoot such plans often highlight stained glass windows in them. Undoubtedly, they are impressive even the most sophisticated modern aesthetes. There are some kind of invisible magical power in stained glass!

And what to say about the people who lived in the era of the Middle Ages? Church dogmas submitted to this type of art at that time, moreover, he reached the period of his climax, and as a result – became an integral part of the Gothic style. Such a luxury was the prerogative of the then dominant church, and a little later – and the richest layers of society. After all, the manufacture of glass, especially colored, was kept in strict secret, and its price was akin to noble metals. Stained -glass windows at that time were forged. That is, multi -colored glass pieces were fastened with brass and lead inserts.

The era was replaced by the era, and with the wave of time and fashion for architectural styles. And only at the beginning of the last century, the Americans were able to breathe life again into a flowering art. Only this was already qualitatively new technologies. I remembered my once -bearing subject of pride and old light. And then in the West there was a lot of schools of stained -glass art.

The technique of manufacturing stained glass today is over a few dozen. Modern materials make it possible to create imitation of stained glass through painting with special transparent paints or gluing glasses, while maintaining their relevance and forged stained -glass windows.

And it is no longer difficult to make a unique type of decor of windows, doors, lamps with your own hands. The main thing in this case is the desire. The fact that there is nothing complicated in this, the following ideas for creating modern stained glasses will help to make sure that.

The first. We take cardboard and mascara. We begin to draw a sketch of the future drawing. When this is done, we apply silicate glass over the cordon and determine with color. Then we attach colored glass from the bottom of the glass. The edges of the glass should coincide with the contours of the sketch. All this is attached to a special solution of cement, sand and PVA glue. After the drawing dries. Water the voids between the glasses with the same solution. In principle, everything is ready. Thus, stained glass glasses are created and just a panel. Only in the first case, the basis is glass in the second plate of metal.

Second. Creation of varnish or film stained glass. So to speak, a budget series in a noble gender of stained glass. Their life is short and short -lived. Even schoolchildren can do such stained -glass windows.

First we draw the desired sketch on paper. Then we cut out the elements and apply them to the glass. Circle with a marker. Cut the glass using glass cutter and process. Processed pieces are wrapped in foil. The edges of the foil are soldered among themselves. The stained glass window is ready.

It remains only to wish creative inspiration, and if there is one, the result will not be long in coming.

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