DIY forced ventilation ventilation

Underestimate the need for high -quality ventilation in your house or apartment is not worth. The health of you and your loved ones, as well as the service life of the repairs done, furniture for garage and appliances, depends on free circulation of fresh air.


Easy installation

In each room there are places in which natural ventilation may be insufficient. For example, kitchen, bathroom or pantry. To carry out effective ventilation and reduce the amount of moisture in the air, it is necessary to carefully monitor the condition and purity of ventilation ducts. But this is not enough, especially if natural ventilation was installed separately and not entered into the project of the building.

In this case, as an option, forced ventilation with your own hands can help. She will complement natural ventilation with the necessary ventilation power. By replacing the protective ventilation grill with an exhaust electric fan, you can make a good lift ventilation performance

Forced ventilation scheme is pleased. First you should decide on the fan. It is chosen by the size of the pipeline in which it will be mounted. Its power is also taken into account: the larger the volume of the room, the more powerful the fan is needed.

The forced ventilation device may vary depending on the conditions and wishes. You can additionally equip and air injection. The simplest way to connect fans is parallel to the main main light switches. This connection option is very convenient for a bathroom or bathroom. For large rooms, it is advisable to install separate switches, The fan in a short time may not cope with its functions.

Fan models and connection methods

There are sales models with a timer and built -in hygrometers. It is very convenient to use such devices, They are turned on when the threshold is exceeded, and the timer will automatically turn it off after a certain time.

The fan can be installed both during the repair process and after it. It is attached to the wall from self -tapping screws, if necessary, use dowels. There are fastening options on latches. The fan power supply is stretched to the distribution box, the switch is installed in the required place. The cable can be laid in special plastic boxes for wiring. When installing and subsequent wall plaster, the wire is laid in pre -made strobes and is securely fixed.

Electric connection of the fan will not cause difficulties. Before connecting the wires, the electrical network must be de -energized.It is worth noting that in rooms with high humidity it is not recommended to use the “twist” connection with subsequent insulation of insulating tape. It is more reliable to use compounds on terminals!

This was considered the simplest way to make forced ventilation. At this time, there is a large selection of completely ready -made devices for forced ventilation with various useful functions.

Video – the simplest valve fan

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