DIY drywall partitions

With the help of modern building material, drywall can not only quickly and easily level the walls, but also install interior partitions. The main thing is that not only a specialist can do this, but also any person with some building skills.

Materials and tools necessary for work

If you decide to install gypsum plasters at home with your own hands, then you need to cook such tools:

plumb line;

scissors for metal;


electric jigsaw;


steel ruler, roulette;


Gypsum cardboard must be purchased based on the double area of ​​the future partition, because you will skin it on both sides.

As a filler filling the internal space, you can purchase any insulation. It will also serve for isolation.

Installation of drywall is carried out on a frame, which is usually made of a metal profile. You will need a guide and a rack profile, as well as self -tapping screws for fixing the frame and drywall. A wooden frame is possible, but it does not meet fire safety requirements.

Installation of a frame for drywall septum

The first and most important stage of the construction of a plasterboard partition is the markup. It is important to perform it as accurately as possible, with strict observance of horizons and verticals. It is carried out on the floor, ceiling and walls using level and plumb line, steel ruler, roulette and pencil.

Then, according to this markup, a guide profile with a sealing ribbon is fixed, which must be previously glued to it. To wooden surfaces, the profiles are attached to metal screws, if the surface is concrete, then you must first drill holes in them, clog dowels in them, and then tighten the screws.

The rack profile is mounted in pitch 40 cm. At the wall and doors of the rack must be mandatory.

Installation of drywall

For lining the frame, drywall 12 mm thick is used. Its sheets are mounted in a checkerboard pattern: the first sheet is installed from the floor level, and the second from the ceiling.

The joints of the sheets should be on rack profiles. The drywall is attached to them with self -tapping screws with a secret head, which needs to be drowned a little in the sheet.

After one side of the partition is finished, you can proceed to the skin on the other side, while laying mineral wool or other insulation in the formed space. The sheathing is also carried out in a checkerboard pattern.

After the work is completed, the joints of the sheets and the mounting location are put down, if necessary, glued with a ribbon-serp.

The result is a perfectly flat interior partition made of drywall, which can be painted, sheathed with wall panels or poured with wallpaper.

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