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Everyone is familiar with the feeling of stuffiness in a house or apartment. Sometimes, when you come home, I want to open all the windows and ventilate the rooms. This indicates insufficient air circulation. Speaking more specifically, then due to lack of fresh air and the stuffiness of the premises appears. DIY ventilation in the kitchen will help to cope with this problem.


The lack of fresh air is felt more if plastic windows are installed in the room. The closing density of these windows does not allow fresh air to get into the room. The opening of windows for ventilation is not always possible to use, so we recommend that you install the supply and exhaust ventilation scheme. The use of built -in valves on plastic windows will not save, especially in winter, They pass cold air in winter.

The installation of supply and exhaust ventilation creates a small excess pressure in the room, a consequence of a larger air flow than the weathering of the old. This leads to an improvement in ventilation operations located in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

The supply ventilation often consists of a fan that pumps fresh air, sometimes filters, heating or cooling the air of the block and electronic automation. It is desirable that the temperature of the incoming air is not lower than 18 ° C. The electronic unit is able to adjust the air supply and track its temperature. Air heated ventilation is rapidly gaining popularity due to its qualitative characteristics.

Types of supply and exhaust ventilation

Individual ventilation systems are used for small areas, for example, one room. Such systems do not need to install a network of air ducts. Accordingly, the installation takes a little time. The main drawback of the system is the noise level. The installation is also placed inside the room, and with increased noise, this sometimes causes uncomfortable conditions. The functions of such an individual ventilation system are already performed by most air conditioners.

Channel ventilation systems are already powerful and full-fledged supply and exhaust ventilation systems. All system ducts are distributed throughout the house. Installation of such systems, as a rule, is done on the attic or on the ceiling itself, later closing the ducts with suspended ceilings. For apartments it is advisable to use installations with a minimum noise level.

When placing a ventilation system, it is necessary to remember that it must be periodically served. Therefore, the convenience of location is not the last factor when installing the system.

Calculation of ventilation

The calculation of supply and exhaust ventilation is very important before installation in any room regardless of purpose. The main objectives of the calculation are to achieve comfortable conditions.

The ventilation system must be placed so that the air is not directed at people. An important parameter characterizing the ventilation system is the frequency of air substitution, t.e. the number of air changes in the room per unit time.

Video – installation of a supply ventilation installation

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