Disk saws

Disk saws are currently unique, since each saw produces various saw canvases created for files of certain materials. These canvases differ in the number of teeth and form.

Thus, the canvas with 14 carbide teeth is intended for sawing any wood materials, with 48 teeth – for facing plates made of any material, with 60 sharp teeth – for all varieties of wood plates, with 112 sharp teeth – for cutting plywood.

Fabric with smaller teeth are intended for sawing more solid materials. Increasing the number of teeth reduces speed, and the power of the cut, but with all this significantly improves the quality. It is better to buy cloths with Teflon coating, which protects about jamming in wood.

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During operation, the disc saw should be correctly adjusted to the depth of cutting. Basically, they advise the depth of cutting to expose the thickness of the surface to the length of the teeth. A saw should be working with maximum caution, for which it is recommended to use a stubborn rail that will regulate the cutting path. Moreover, you should make sure that the teeth on the canvases are always sharp, which will protect the motor from overheating and increase the life of the tool.

The assortment of modern disk saws is very great. It is worth considering the characteristics of the most popular models:

Skilsaw 1850 disk professional saw

Compact, quite comfortable, light and not very expensive model. The tool is designed to work on the interior decoration of the structure. Disc diameter 152 mm, weight is 3.8 kg. The tool has a cut depth at an angle of 45 degrees – 34mm, at an angle of 90 degrees – by 50 mm.

A disco house called Bosch PKS40/PKS54ce

A tool for cutting surfaces made of plywood, plastic, aluminum and various plates is used. Has an electronic smooth start system and a pendulum protective casing. The diameter of the disk is-130-160 mm, the weight can be-2.5-3.6 kg. It has a cut depth at an angle of 45 degrees – 24 and 35 mm, at an angle of 90 degrees – 40 and 54 millimeters, respectively.


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