Device to prevent illegal deforestation

Everyone needs lumber, but illegal deforestation harms the flora, fauna, and the planet as a whole. Even if you think that you live far from the tropical forest, being in the northern latitudes of Russia, the problem is still relevant for you, because deforestation in the tropics leads to a strong climate change on the whole planet, in what remote areas you would live. One of the creative solutions to eliminate the problem was invented by RainForest Connection, which offers to use old smartphones in listening devices for tropical forest.

Why the problem is relevant.

At the moment, there are no successful monitoring systems that would prevent the illegal cutting down of the tropical forest. Most of these operations are small in large quantities, so satellite technologies can only draw a problem after the trees have been cut down and all workers left the scene, and this is possible only if they have a large enough area of ​​the forest so that it is so that it It was visible from the cosmos. And thus, the entire forest is cut down in small doses, and no one can catch people responsible for this at the scene of the crime with red -handed.

Think out of the box.

A creative solution invented by RainForest Connection (Rainfort Connect) is to turn old smartphones into new autonomous listening devices that can capture the sounds of benzopilia and in real time send notification to the authorities about illegal cutting.

This project was opened last summer, and today the RainForest Connection launches an even more ambitious initiative that is aimed at finding funding (crowdfunding – funding by people) to create a sufficient number of devices for covering 300 square kilometers of tropical forest in Brazil and Africa. And these are just pilot programs. If the company collects enough funds and will be able to realize its idea, then the next step will be expanding to the forests of Asia and Latin America.

How it works.

The RainForest Connection system allows one processed smartphone to control three square kilometers of tropical forest. The device is provided with small solar panels.

Using the existing wireless network, these devices will be able to control illegal deforestation with low cost of operating costs.

RainForest Conneption devices are installed high in the crowns of trees (hidden from everyone) and must constantly capture the noises of the tropical forest, highlighting the sounds of cutting and chainsaws, as well as shots and distress signals for a kilometer around themselves. When the device detects any of the alarming sounds, it sends a signal to the Cloud Storage of RainForest Connection, which then sends an SMS message to local services responsible for forest control. Thus, devices will in the living time help eliminate illegal deforestation.

Why exactly old smartphones?

Because it is an inexpensive and simple tool that works. In addition, more than 150 million telephones are ejected annually only in the USA, which means that this “garbage” can be used without harm to the environment immediately for other purposes.

How can I help you?

You can find this project on a kickstarter-KickstarterproProjecttopherwhiterainForest-Connection-Photo-Turned-to-Forest-Huar or read about it on the official website of RFCX . You can donate money from $ 10 or more through the website of the kikstarter, and where to send your old smartphone for the project can be read on the official website.

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