Development of medical services in Colombia

The level of medicine in Colombia is also of interest to everyone who plans to move here for permanent residence or is just going on a long trip.

Judging by the reviews of travelers and Russian migrants, there is nothing to worry about. Despite prejudices and rumors, they treat their teeth well, treat each patient politely and attentively, and offer a wide range of insurance services.

One girl who moved to Colombia from St. Petersburg wrote in a review about the country: “I don’t like dentists since childhood, but during my stay in Colombia, a tooth filling flew off. I was terribly afraid – and that it would hurt, and that everyone could do badly. As a result, I went to the border hospital, which pleasantly impressed me with the level of service. They did everything perfectly – no worse than in St. Petersburg, plus cheaper. They offered to take out insurance, but they didn’t impose anything.”

Insurance medicine in Colombia is excellent, including during pregnancy. Here you can safely give birth, counting on a friendly attitude and qualified timely assistance. This is not written about by the clinics themselves, but by women in labor who were pregnant in the country and, like all expectant mothers, had different concerns about the passage of waiting time.

The downside of the country is that due to strict Catholic rules, problems with abortion may arise, there is a small limited list of indications for abortion. The lack of freedom of choice is not always to the liking of foreigners who are accustomed to other conditions.

There are progressive social programs – for example, free medicine for poor families, consultations on pregnancy planning, free contraceptives, including for teenagers. In the slums, courses are implemented with difficulty, but in prosperous areas, everything is decent.

Juvenile justice works effectively in the country – it protects children from arbitrariness on the part of their parents, but there are no excesses. Again, in poor areas with child labor, the effectiveness of laws is out of the question.

Different things are written about Colombia, but people from other countries say that the country is simply very controversial. Yes, there are military conflicts, drug trafficking, problems with poverty and not only, but there is a lot of good. For a lifetime of work, the quality of medicine is enough. Colombia also has beautiful nature and just good people.

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