Crime rate in Colombia and rumors

Although many Europeans associate Colombia with drug lords and high levels of crime, living here is not scary.

Russian immigrants say they calmly go to shops and walks in the evenings, but, of course, you need to take into account the area. Slums are the most disadvantaged places where it is not safe at any time of the day. The central districts of Bogato are generally peaceful and calm.

Crime in Colombia is being actively combated by the authorities. The drug trade is really flourishing, but the locals are rather proud of it and do not consider it a problem. Medellin remembers and honors the legendary Pablo Escobar, ordinary people love films about famous drug lords, and famous directors continue to shoot new documentaries. Escobar’s mercenaries began to leave prisons at the end of their sentences, give interviews, write books and share their personal experiences. But it is rather interesting and not dangerous for the population.

Despite the assurances of the authorities and residents that it is safe to live in Colombia, the main flows of tourists still come from calmer and more prosperous countries. If you decide to go here – choose a decent area.

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