Counter-Strike 2 October Patch: Enhancements, Updates, and Exciting Changes

On the evening of October 5th, Counter-Strike 2 developers unveiled an eagerly anticipated patch for their popular shooter. Valve representatives made the announcement, highlighting a range of enhancements, map updates, and bug fixes.

The update, a hefty 1.8 gigabytes in size, was officially disclosed on the game’s Steam blog.

Here’s a rundown of the key modifications:

  • Map Revamps: Inferno, Anubis, Vertigo, Ancient, and Mirage have all received substantial updates.
  • AWP Adjustment: The AWP’s finger positioning has been altered for a more realistic appearance.
  • Sticker Tweaks: Numerous bug fixes and quality improvements for stickers.
  • Experience Fix: A bug causing reduced experience gain when disconnecting and rejoining a match has been rectified.
  • Sight Outline: The drawing of the sight outline for fractional values has been fine-tuned.
  • Graphics Setting: The “Very High” model and texture detail settings option has been removed, as it was indistinguishable from the “High” setting, with the texture filtering mode now being a separate setting.
  • Buy Command Enhancement: The buy <item> command now functions seamlessly with the new flexible purchasing system, specifically targeting items in your purchase menu rather than using the default slot.
  • Muzzle Flame: Automatic sniper rifles now exhibit adjusted muzzle flames.
  • Glass Effects: Effects for breaking glass have been updated.
  • Inventory Organization: Sorting options have been introduced to the secondary inventory selection panel.
  • Localization Update: Localization files have been refreshed for better language support.
  • Geolocation Issue: An issue where German users were mistakenly identified as Chinese has been resolved.

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Counter-Strike 2 was launched on September 28th, replacing CS:GO and becoming freely accessible to all users. The game’s system requirements stipulate Windows 10 or higher, with the added note that, starting from January 1, 2024, the Steam digital store will no longer support Windows 7.

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