“Costume” for air transport (covers)

Everyone who is associated with aviation understands the entire degree of responsibility for any detail of air transport. Complex elements, many details, each of which performs its own important function. That is why each aviator should be familiar with such a concept as an aviation cover. What is it like and how to use it now and consider.

The need for aviation covers arises at a time when air transport, whether it is a large or small plane, helicopter, paraglider or something else, is on the ground and is not used for its intended purpose. Or, for example, for transportation from place to place, through customs on freight vehicles, when transporting to the place of flights, when delivered to any place on the ground. In order for your air transport to be reliably protected from any surprises, from weather conditions or even just from prying eyes, use aviation covers.

A set of aviation covers is a set of several elements, each of which is thought out and sewn for a particular part of the particular air transport model. For aircraft and helicopters, for each model – its own set of aviation covers.

The most standard and often used set of aviation covers for small aircraft is always several elements for specific parts of the aircraft, taking into account the features of each of these details. Dense fabric is used for sewing aircraft, most often it is Oxford, such a reliable material that is stable not only for moisture, but even to oil products. And also he endures the ultraviolet, cold, heat, fluid wind and is completely ready for use even in extreme weather conditions. The density of fabric for aviation covers is on average about 600 Den.

A cover of two layers usually sew for the cabin, and in places where it should be in contact with the gland gland, a softer fabric is additionally stitched, which provides not only reliable protection of the glass, but also additional insulation, absorption of moisture.

For a fuselage, keel, stabilizer, single -layer covers are made on clear individual sizes for each specific aircraft model. Caps on the hood are made three -layer and complemented by a reliable insulation, most often it is a synthetic winterizer.

In terms of fasteners, fittings and fasteners – everything is individual here. Some types of fasteners, lightning, Velcro are used somewhere, and in certain structural elements, plastic semi-automatic fasteners. Slings and cords, various latches.

The whole set of aviation covers, thought out to the smallest detail, for each model of air transport individually, easy and easy to assemble one person. In just a few minutes you can independently cover and comb your aircraft or helicopter. All covers are conveniently folded into a large bag of the same dense fabric, which is specially sewn for them, resistant to moisture and oil products. If necessary, you can apply the logo of your airline or any other necessary information to each element of a set of aviation covers.

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