Choosing the interior decoration of the house from the beam

The house built from the beam makes it possible to create an exclusive structure not only from the outside, but also to luxurious finishes from the inside. The material itself for the home involves the use of natural sections inside. This finish is made at the end of construction, requires knowledge of wood work and with various finishing materials. It is required to take into account that the house for 6 years, after the end of construction, may be shrinking, given this, it is necessary to use materials that are well deformed.

It is necessary to conduct a preparatory stage: calculate the number of materials, their compatibility, think through safety precautions. Being susceptible to temperature changes and physical influences, the tree requires protection. If you leave the house without finishes, then it is necessary to process the surface with impregnation for wood, it will give a beautiful shade. If you deal with the finish, then it is imperative to use antistatics and antipyretics.

Starting for the interior decoration, it is necessary to take into account the methods of protection against humidity, pay attention to waterproofing, solve all issues with thermal insulation.

Various materials are used for finishing the house from the inside: the lining, comfortable and durable, block house, a boat with a semicircular profile, wallpaper, plastic panels, MDF plates, drywall, etc. The beauty and comfort of housing will depend on the choice of material. The selection of facing materials largely depends on the physical condition of the beam and fantasies.

Various ways of finishes

Plastering, but not earlier than a year after building a house. Cover the plaster. Home sealing can be attributed to the decoration. Previously, they were insulated with moss. Now you can use the sealant, elastic, but provides maximum tightness.

The popular finish has always been paint. Before applying the paint, the walls are covered with putty to remove flaws on the tree, primed and painted. The paint is taken to choose: glossy, half -glossy matte. Two layers of paint are applied for a good effect. If a beam with a quality surface, then covered with stain or varnish. This decoration method protects the surface from moisture and mold.

Method of lining lining. It supports humidity: at an excess concentration, it absorbs, with insufficient – gives. Lining can be called a humidity regulator. Choosing the material, pay attention to the color of the color: spots and blue talk about the susceptibility of the fungus. It must correspond to natural shades.

Using drywall, cement-stove. For gypsocortone, a crate from the racks is required. The convenience of these decorative materials in the ability to hide the insulation, wires and communication behind them. You can lay tiles up, glue the wallpaper. All options are not expensive. Disadvantage in the ability of drywall to burst from shrinkage. Therefore, it is not recommended to use.

Siding is democratic in cost. Does not respond to humidity and temperature changes. The design of the walls will give the room comfort, comfort, will preserve natural beauty for a long time. The uniqueness of the tree requires the exact execution of all requirements.

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