Choosing coverage for the floor of Ukrinvestbud

The repair of the floor is very important in the repair. There are: linoleum and rubber coatings, carpet, laminate or cork coating, ceramic tiles, board or parquet.

Linoleum and rubber coatings.

A very bilted type of floor coverings that are used in stores, offices, banks in public places, as well as in apartments. The advantages of this coating are primarily in the cost. Diversity of colors and color schemes. Simple care. The disadvantages are that when direct sunlight gets, color is lost. If you get products like ketchup, wine, coffee, spots remain. And with long contact with water, also. If the floors are not covered in high quality, water entering the seams leads to bloating. You should also pay attention to fire protection, more described here ServicePage10.

Carpet covering

To date, the carpet as material has gained great popularity. Carpet is relatively affordable in price. A very big advantage is to lay the carpet. It is sold in large rolls. We buy, come home, roll out, cut, where the excess was cut off and ready. Carpet can be laid on any other floor. It can be made under the baseboard or can be left freely lying. Carpet not only gives the coziness of the room, but also to walk warmly and pleasant. But Carpet has the ability to accumulate dust. A favorable environment is created to reproduce insects. And it is also difficult to carry out wet cleaning. But this problem is instantly solved by the acquisition of a detergent vacuum cleaner with a ferry processing function.

Laminate or cork coating.

You ask what’s the plug is better than the parquet? The cork has a number of winning properties. Firstly, the cork is warmer. If you stand barefoot on the parquet and you will immediately feel the difference. This coating serves as a pre -sound insulation. Drows the sounds of walking or falling some object. The disadvantage is only in one thing: an overlaid moisture hit into the gaps between the joints, but this problem is eliminated by processing the connection places by a waterproof solution.

Ceramic tile

The most important advantage is that creramic tiles do not change color and view. Ease of care. Traces of fat and dust are excellently removed. Moisture resistance. Why do we often observe the tiles in the bathrooms, the kitchen and operating rooms, because neither microbes nor parasite insects do not take root on such coating. The only minus is that standing on the ceramic floor barefoot, cold and tough, there is discomfort. And, of course, we do not have the idea to make a ceramic floor in the hall, bedroom or gym.


Parquet is made of natural wood. Therefore, this is an ecological pure material. The most durable parquet is an oak parquet. But again, looking at which room you are going to put it. This is a wonderful sound and thermal insulation material. With all these advantages, there are a number of disadvantages. He is very capricious in care. He needs a certain temperature and humidity. If you have high humidity in your apartment or house, it is better to opt for some other material. For parquet optimal humidity 6-12%.

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