Choosing ceramic tiles for design

In order to correctly and correctly determine the amount of tiles required for facing, first you need to accurately calculate the area of ​​the room in which repairs will be carried out. Then, to these parameters, you need to add a stock of five to ten percent. If a complex tile is used for cladding, then you need to take care for a more serious reserve.

During the purchase of ceramic tiles, you need to see the batch number of each box, since it happens that the same tile color in different batches can vary greatly.

It must be taken into account that large tiles look great in large trading halls, but the same tile may not be suitable for lining a small bathroom or kitchen.

How well the manufacturer of ceramic tiles performed its work, you can understand by several simple signs. But you need to understand that not all types of tiles are of high operational characteristics. It all depends on the purpose of the tile. For example, a bathroom or kitchen will need a tile resistant to chemical influences, and at the same time it does not have to be wear -resistant (for example, FAP Pura tile). And vice versa, tiles in the corridor should experience constant loads.

On a tile intended for the floor, the manufacturer applies an icon in the form of a foot shape. On the tile designed for walls, the hand is depicted. If tiles are resistant to low temperatures, then the marking will be in the form of a snowflake.

There is another important point, all ceramic tiles intended for the floor are distributed into class on its resistance to abrasion. Each class has its own individual designation and there are five of them. The highest class is the fifth, that is, the last.

The surface of high -quality tile should be even, there should not be chips or cracks, as well as extraneous interspersed.

For the past ten years, tiles with plant or floral ornaments were especially popular. Today, this trend is gradually gone the past, giving place not complex geometric patterns.

In addition, a tile appeared that is decorated under natural materials, for example: marble or limestone, granite or stone. One of the new materials is the tile imitating wood. Imitation of various metals is also widely used. Fashionable preferences today is a tile for copper, bronze and silver. Such a tile is not used to the kitchen and in the bathroom, it is usually used to facing bathrooms in office premises, public places or for decoration of lobby.

Tiles decorated for various types of fabric or skin of animals, such as lizards or crocodiles, are becoming increasingly popular.

When choosing tiles, it is necessary to be guided not by only fashion trends, but to a greater extent knowledge of the characteristics of one or another tile. For example, pollution is less noticeable on the tiles of dark colors, and the light tile visually expands small rooms.

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