Choosing a configuration for a playground.

A properly created playground will be its small world for the child, which he will explore and get used to independence daily, in which the child will be safe and comfortable.

The site intended for very young children is best done opposite the windows of the room in which you most often visit. It will be convenient for you to follow playing children from it. An excellent solution would be to break up such a site on the site, which is well protected from gusts of wind and warms up well. For young children, try to include a sandbox, swing, slide, as well as the most different carousels in the gaming complex.

For more adult children, all kinds of labyrinths and handlers are best suited, which will be one single complex, which will positively affect the visual component of the site. Such children’s playgrounds usually include horizons, ropes, crossbars, Swedish walls, rings, bars, in general, everything that is necessary for a growing child. Such types of gaming complexes feel great, both in the backyards of private houses and at public platforms.

As materials, it is worth choosing sites made of metal or wood. The diameter of the wooden logs used should be at least 15-20 cm. A significant disadvantage of the tree is the change in its shape and the appearance of cracks when exposed to various temperatures and moisture. Cracks can be avoided using glued beams, but it is worthwhile to be prepared for the fact that its cost is much higher than that of a conventional tree.

Also, it will not be superfluous to ennoble the playground with elements of small architecture, which include a variety of arches, trill, pergola. They will perfectly perform in the role of decor, and also protect children from the sun or the sudden rain that has begun. An excellent solution would be to plant climbing plants near these elements. Literally after a very short time, plants will entangle them and the playground will cease to visually break out against the background of the garden or trees. Also, a good choice will be the installation on the playground of a small house surrounded by all kinds of flower beds with plants, for which the child will definitely tell you a separate thanks.

In any case, before purchasing children’s game complexes or their individual elements, it is important to verify their reliability, durability and injury security.

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