Chandeliers: history and modern use

Chandeliers are considered the traditional lighting of houses in the style of the Grand. However, this does not mean at all that the chandelier does not suit the decor of your simple city apartment.  You can make it an accent of your home, and in this article we will talk about this in more detail.

The chandelier can add elegance to any space, but it is worth remembering that it is no longer always better, and more expensive is not always luxurious. Special modern chandeliers are designed just for placement in apartments with standard ceilings, while expensive crystal chandeliers are more suitable for lighting country houses, where the ceiling is higher and the space, as a rule, is larger. Naturally, large crystal chandeliers are expensive and hang them exclusively in expensive houses, where square meters and overall atmosphere allow. The apartment decor uses lower chandeliers, although the number of lamps and details in such models can be more than in classic huge chandeliers.

Of course, most of the manufacturers of chandeliers are guided by modern apartments, and not to palaces, so the intricate design is still most often made in the Art Nouveau style. Although retro frescoes and elements of classics are also inherent in modern chandeliers. You will pay attention to the variety of assortment when you start choosing a suitable chandelier. And then, we advise you to remember a very important characteristic – the degree of lighting. Exactly! Many people, seeing extraordinary design decisions before their eyes, forget that they came to the store first of all at the lighting device. And since you do not complement the spotlights with a decor in the form of a chandelier, but choose a chandelier as a means of lighting a room, then this is what you should think in the first place.

Learn the number of lamps and glass elements. Check that the chandelier will give a sufficient amount of light and scatter it into the required area of ​​the room.

From the history of chandeliers.

The first chandeliers were used in the Middle Ages as a decoration of churches and monasteries to add lighting to huge halls. The first type of chandelier was quite simple – this is a wooden cross on which spikes with candles stick out. All this design was at a certain height, attached on the ropes from several sides and attached to the hook in the ceiling.

After the fifteenth century, chandeliers of a richer external design began to appear. The most popular projects then had the shape of a crown and were located in the palaces and residences of extremely rich people. They were used as a symbol of status.

When the time of the 18th century came, brass versions appeared with long, curved branches, departing from the structure and carrying many candles on themselves. They were most often met in the houses of merchants. In addition, glassy skills were developed, and this led to a cheaper way to produce crystal. The crystals of this material refracted light in such proportions in which another glass could not do this. Crystal began to add to the design of the chandelier and so the famous crystal chandeliers appeared.

The chandelier can be placed in the space of any room, but when choosing it is important to remember the style of the room.

You need to choose a chandelier of the right size for the room

Vintage chandeliers go well with the Art Nouveau style, but the modern chandelier with a classic style should not be combined

The chandelier is very strongly changing the appearance of the room

Living rooms are a great place for a chandelier

In dining rooms, the chandelier is most often hung over the table

If you buy a chandelier as the main element of lighting, then check that it will give enough light.

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