Ceiling repair in the bathroom

Before starting the repair of the ceiling in the bathroom, it is necessary to deeply understand that this room is an accumulation of a large amount of moisture. Therefore, all the materials used must be moisture resistant, as well as pre -treated with special substances that prevent the appearance of the fungus and mold.

For the bathroom, a suspended ceiling is perfectly suitable, which is usually made of racks or tiles. The ceiling can be made stretch, or decorated with plastic panels. If you like luxury, then this part of the bath can be designed from mirrors. Such a ceiling will look gorgeous and serve for a long time.

Let’s get back to the option with a suspended ceiling. This structure is a frame made of metal, which is attached to the overlap. After that, slats, decorative tiles, modules and prefabricated cassettes are attached to the frame. All these details are made of mineral fiber, aluminum, steel, foam, plastic, wood and many other modern materials. Mineral fiber also plays the role of a good sound insulator.  The distance from the main ceiling to the hinged, it allows you to hide the backlight in it and all the necessary wires. Such a ceiling looks very beautiful and neat, and it will also perfectly mask all the irregularities and other defects of the main ceiling.

As a coating for the ceiling in the bathroom, most often used plastic panels from PVC. This material gained its distribution due to its moisture resistance, long service life, a huge assortment of colors and forms. Plastic panels are also easy to install and will hide all the shortcomings on any surface. The fungus, mold are not terrible for such a material, and the price will pleasantly surprise you.

A suspended ceiling made of a rail – it will cost more. For this ceiling, high -quality aluminum profile is used, which can be embossed, matte, or smooth, polished to glossy shine.

Such material, as a rule, is used in rooms with a high moisture content: public showers, pools, saunas, baths. The rail can be chosen from an existing assortment, or order by individual design. According to experts, the ceiling made of Reiki is the best option. He will never get wet, will not rust and deteriorate.

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