Ceiling finishing in the bathroom

Ceiling finishing in the bathroom

It is logical that for premises where increased humidity is required, a special finish is required. Mostly use several different methods, and we will tell you more about this in this article.

The main advantages of whitewashing, there has always been its cost, simplicity and environmental friendliness. But it is worth remembering that by the incident of a certain time, dust and dirt accumulate on the white wall.

Painting is also included in economic methods when finishing the ceiling. In this version there are pitfalls, because a good result can only be achieved on the top of a flat surface. In this case, it is required to apply a special solution in order to destroy all spots from mold. When painting the ceiling in the bathroom, a lot of attention should be paid to the choice of paint. Most of us have long been aware that oil paint has a pungent smell and dries for a long time. In the role of its substitute, dispersion paint is perfect. This paint has special resistance to water and various cleaners.

Widely known and in demand by the people ceiling tiles. Often they are used not only in the bathroom or toilet, but also in the kitchen and in the corridor. The ceiling wallpapers are in demand, again, again, the same price and ease of use. This tile varies into several types, stamped with volumetric patterns, laminated, and the last species, from extrusion foam. These tiles are rightfully considered very strong, they are also easy to wash and they are allowed to paint. Square and rectangular tiles are produced, as well as skirting boards for the ceiling. Applying tiles is allowed to concrete and wood, and it is not badly attached to drywall. The only drawback of such tiles is that the lamps will have to be installed from it a short distance.

There are still moisture -resistant wallpaper, such as non -woven or fiberglass wallpaper, but it is important to know that such wallpaper is not suitable for the ceiling in the bathroom. The reason is very simple, they will definitely peel off the surface.

More and more often, the room in the bathroom is finished with a wooden lining. In order not to encounter destruction, it is necessary to treat the tree with an antiseptic, as well as a hydrophobizer. In contact with water, wooden strips have the properties of swell, given this when installing, you need to do a small gap under the lining.

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