Buying guide for the front door

The front door should be protected and beautiful, because it is intended both to protect from uninvited guests, and to serve the “face” of the apartment or house. The choice of the door depends on where it will be placed: in a city high -rise building with a protected stairwell or with open access for everyone, as well as in a suburb in a fenced or open cottage or cottage village.

one. First of all, you choose a door configuration.

In the apartments, everything is usually quite prosaic – the front door with one sash without additional inserts. In the suburbs, often with the door of the door is played – the door can be double with glass inserts or single with a side insert, it may have a rounded shape or non -standard size, etc.P.

2. Then choose a door style.

The door of the door implies a choice between a traditional or modern design, but most often buyers take a style door that could be called contemporary. This door, like the dance of the same name, includes various stylistic elements.

Please note that at this stage you choose not the filling of the door, but its upholstery. You may well reflect on the filling and the main material.

3. Then choose elements for the door.

I mean glass, if it is part of the structure, as well as pens and other accessories. The choice of all these elements depends on how your door looks like.

four. Choosing the main material.

You can choose the door material at the first stage or at the last stage. The assortment of goods will open before your gaze, which will include metal doors (meaning steel doors), wooden doors (meaning a massif doors) and glass -fiber doors. Sometimes they make entrance plastic doors, but this is, in fact, not the best solution. Plastic can be used as a cladding, but this material is not recommended as a full -fledged front door.

Fiberglass entrance doors – strong, safe, live for a long time, require minimal care, resistant to dents and scratches, do not rot, energetically effective, can be similar to natural wood, isolated five times better than natural wood, you can paint.

Steel entrance doors – strong, safe, live for a long time, require periodic maintenance, energetically effective, isolate better wood, can be painted, must be well processed in production.

Wooden entrance doors – beautiful, warm, require a lot of maintenance, are easily repaired, can be painted, must be very well processed in production.

Usually, the instructions say that the choice of door material is the most important, however, this is not always the case. Your door may be on a protected staircase in a safe area, so you do not need to defend your house with super-rugal metal doors. At the same time, in the suburbs it is often much more convenient to live with a wooden door – it combines with the house and does not freeze in the cold. In any case, in the modern world, you can not think about the material of the door of the door not as much as they did before.

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