Build a gazebo in the garden? Tips.

Gazebos and patio allow you to spend time in the fresh air, enjoying the surrounding landscape. They are also great for filling gaps in the landscape and creating an attractive appearance of the courtyard. Thanks to the combination of pillars and crossbars, arbors in the Middle Ages and in the gardens of the Renaissance were used to ensure a shadow place in the garden.  Today they perform many functions from providing the shadow to giving grace to the landscape. For most people, the gazebo is also an allegory of romanticism in the style of Jane Austin.

In this article, we will share tips on how to include the gazebo in the landscape, so that it looks appropriate and beautiful.


one. In a narrow and small garden, the gazebo “yes! Yes! Yes”.

Not everyone set the gazebos in small gardens, as they are afraid to lose their place. In fact, many designers prefer to use arbors in narrow gardens, creating not even so much a gazebo as an arch, but sometimes pergola. Pergola is the design of a canopy, a certain passage covered with a roof. The arch in a small garden can be a vertically growing element, that is, you need to use light materials as plastic and arrange them with vertical landscaping. The use of the gazebo will break the narrow space and give it a more interesting appearance.

2. The goal is to the place

Before installing the gazebo in the garden, you need to determine its goal. The decision on where to put the gazebo will depend on the intention to use this space.  If confidentiality and the possibility of solitude are required from the gazebo, then you should not install it next to the house. In this case, her place in the distant section of the garden is preferably quite picturesque, and if possible near the reservoir. If you plan to gather with large companies in the gazebo, then you need to provide a place that does not violate the peace of the neighbors and so on.

3.  Materials for the gazebo should be selected based on the architectural style of the house

The style of the gazebo should correspond to the style of the house. You can’t just take and put a gazebo in the Japanese style next to the Russian log house. The materials of the gazebo should also be combined with the materials of the house. It is not necessary to build a gazebo made of wood, if you have a wooden house, but visually everything should be combined, so if you choose an unsuitable material, then think about the possibilities of decorating it immediately.

four. Do not forget about plants

You can have a different idea of ​​arbors, but do not think about a garden arbor, as a gazebo from a playground. These are different arbors. Yours should be well -groomed and decorated in the garden style. The fact is that the correct gazebo is not just a structure with a roof and seats, but a whole building that performs many functions, including a decorative. Since the gazebo is in the garden, it is worth remembering that it should be surrounded by plants.

Three “not” for the gazebo

one. Do not forget about the functions. The gazebo should create a shadow and have seats.

2. Do not build very little gazens. The gazebo should be no less than the average height and width of the standard door.

3. Do not forget to care for the gazebo. If you use plant materials that wrap or grow next to the gazebo, then do not forget about the care of them. Leaves need to be thrown from the floor of the gazebo, cut shrubs, take care of the flowers.

You can buy a finished gazebo in garden markets or order the construction of a gazebo from a contractor. The Portal Project Rodrey wants to find a suitable design solution of the gazebo for your garden.  Leave your reviews and your advice on how to build a gazebo in the garden in the comments below.

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