Brothers directors Ridley Scott and Tony Scott

Ridley Scott and Tony Scott were born and raised in the family of an officer and actresses. From childhood, Ridley has shown interest in cinema, and in college shot his first short film “Boy and Bicycle”, where his father and younger brother Tony Scott starred in the lead roles. In 1968, Ridley founded his own advertising company, in which he invited his brother to work as a director and artist.

At first, the brothers kept together, but when they became more independent, Ridley and Tony began to engage in directing separately. In addition to working in an advertising agency, Ridley also developed in the creation of feature films. And in 1995, the Scott brothers created their own production company Scott Free Productions and shot two films “White Flood” and “Soldier Jane”.

I would like to note that Ridley Scott’s film “Gladiator” (2000.) received positive reviews from film critics, and the possibility of restoring the historical genre of cinema was noted. Watch a video about the times of gladiators will be interesting for movie lovers in the historical genre. While Ridley created successful films, his brother Tony made not the most successful ribbons. Only in 1993, success came to Tony and they began to perceive him as a serious director after shooting the film “True Love”. Subsequent films of the younger Scott brought him recognition and success, while Ridley rose a few steps up.

The last directorial work in the life of Tony Scott was the film “Unguided” (2010). Watch a video based on real events is always interesting, especially when the film is shot with a well -chosen acting. The plot is twisted around an uncontrollable locomotive with a dangerous load. If the train leaves the rail, then a chemical accident cannot be avoided. Will the main characters stop the restless train and prevent disaster?

We all love to watch films of the novelty, someone prefers comedies, melodramas, and someone militants and thrillers. In 2012, the Scott brothers jointly shot the film “Prometheus” on the study of the universe by scientists. The plot begins with the fact that the Creator drinks a dark liquid and breaks up into DNA particles from which a new life is created on the planet. A group of scientists goes to study the Universe from the inside in order to save humanity from death. Will scientists get to the bottom of the truth?

The film “Prometheus” received positive reviews from film critics, which once again proves that it will be films of new items or old films from director Ridley Scott, they will almost always expect them to success.

In 2013, the release of the film “Lawyer” is expected, the plot of which was built on a difficult relationship of a lawyer with the authorities. The successful career of a young lawyer and the wedding on the eve of tempting the guy to cross the line of the permitted. How the lawyer violates the law and contradicts himself? Do not miss the opportunity to get acquainted with the 2013 movieovenian.

The brothers Ridley and Tony Scott always worked side by side, but Ridley’s elder brother has always been more successful. Almost every film of Ridley was well appreciated by critics and was awarded prizes. Gorgeous large -scale scenarios, professional directing and a qualitatively selected composition of actors always make a filmful film. Unfortunately, we will not see Tony Scott’s directorial works anymore because of his death, but his projects will always remember. Ridley Scott, despite his honorary age, continues to shoot and lead the process of creating films, which he does best. How many more films cost for your home library from the brothers directors – only you decide.

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