Briefly about foam blocks

Foam block is a modern material, regarding the origin of which disputes are underway. It is known that ordinary concrete is used for its production. The subject of disputes is considered to be pores that for some reason are not closed to each other-there is no connection between them.

Three hypotheses are known, according to which the origin of the closed pore. So:

They are the result of the theft of cement or its savings in the production process. At the same time, everything is done how virtuos is that you can notice this by sawing foam block into pieces.

They are created by insects – concrete -eaters that can be teleported in dense media.

They arise thanks to the faith of workers who form blocks in their existence. The most common is the last hypothesis.

In fact, foam blocks are made of cellular concrete, whose density is low and ranging from 400 to 800 kg/m3. The presence of air bubbles in this material helps to increase the heat and sound insulation properties, while reducing its weight. They are used both in the process of building houses and for insulation of buildings. Foam blocks are of two types: aerated concrete or gas silicate blocks and foam concrete blocks.

Foam blocks have the following advantages:

low density is an extremely light material, so it is not recommended to use it for the construction of multi -storey buildings. Foam block is ideal for the construction of houses, a maximum of three floors;

non -combustibility – the material does not burn, does not support combustion and does not smolder;

the ability not to absorb moisture – the hygroscopicity of the material is insignificant, so it does not change its properties, being in a humid environment;

low thermal conductivity – houses from such material do not require significant costs to maintain a given temperature regime;

good soundproofing properties – the material protects the building from the penetration of extraneous sounds and noise.

Material that could be alternatives to foam block, today, today. A quality product is made on high -tech equipment in compliance with all requirements for the recipe and production technology and has accurate linear dimensions. If foam blocks are made according to production standards – they will last a long and reliably, they will contribute to the creation of comfort inside the building.

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