Bathroom furniture materials

There are quite a lot of different bathroom furniture options on the market. Traditionally, these are cabinets and cabinets from MDF, covered with PVC film. Such furniture has been bought for a long time, and it stands in most bathrooms in Russia. But there is an alternative to this option.

Furniture for the bathroom is processed so that it is resistant to moisture. Therefore, the MDF, which is used to produce such furniture, is distinguished by special properties that allows it to steadfastly endure certain temperatures and humidity of the room without cracks and deformations.

An array of wood can be treated similarly, but the furniture from the array is quite expensive, and therefore not many are able to afford to install such furniture in the bathroom.

Most often, the main material of furniture for the bathroom is made by MDF. Cheap cabinets and cabinets are made from chipboard and only the facade is made from MDF. Such furniture can cost two times cheaper than furniture made completely from MDF.

Those who do not have a place for cabinets and cabinets in the bathroom, alternatives are great, not only materials, but also furniture in general. For example, instead of a cabinet, a ceramic leg is used (pedestal). If the average cheap cabin under the sink costs about 3,000 rubles, then the average cheap leg under the sink costs only 800 rubles. Instead of cabinets, you can use glass shelves, the cost of which varies from 300 rubles.

If you choose expensive furniture for the bathroom, then most often they pay attention to the array of wood, and, quite often, this is an oak. It is processed in a special way and covered with special paint. Such cabinets and cabinets are quite durable (durable than furniture from MDF) if they are correctly processed. They are hygienic and, as a rule, clean from harmful toxins.

Dear bath furniture looks elegant and elegant. Among the cheap options, it is difficult to find something outside the modern style, because it is cheaper to arrange PVC furniture with a film and simple plastic fittings for the Art Nouveau style. All other types of decoration automatically increase the price of the design.

PVC film is not such a bad solution for furniture. It gives good functional results (simplifies cleaning, allows you to imitate other facade materials, protects furniture, etc.P.), but it is not so elegant, in comparison with veneer or natural wood.

You can buy bathroom furniture made of metal. Most often we are talking about stainless steel furniture, but other materials with processing are also suitable. This is strong furniture that perfectly withstand different influences; it is resistant to moisture, mold; it is environmentally friendly and most often more exquisite. But such options are difficult to enter into the standard interior of the bathroom. In addition, the remains of soap or shampoo make metal change. Cleaning metal cabinets can be more difficult, depending on what is stored on them. For example, a metal rack may be an excellent solution for storing towels, dry objects for personal hygiene, candles, etc.P. But if you store something moist on it, then the shelves can darken.

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